The Buffalo Sabres couldn’t just sit around while a flurry of signings were going down in the days leading up to training camp. The Sabres opted to sign defenseman Tyler Myers to a seven-year contract extension early Thursday. A press conference is scheduled for Thursday afternoon to announce the deal.

Myers is another member of the 2008 draft class that’s been all the rage this offseason. While Drew Doughty, Joshua Bailey and Luke Schenn have yet to re-up with their respective teams, Myers joins Zach Bogosian and Steven Stamkos as players who have inked new deals. Myers has one year left on his entry level contract which sees his cap hit come in at $1.3 million.

Nobody on the Sabres played tougher minutes than Myers last season and, while his offensive totals dipped slightly, he was also among the team’s leaders in terms of possession stats.

Myers’ new deal should give Drew Doughty and the L.A. Kings yet another measuring stick to get something done, once the particulars are known. Wednesday rumblings on a new contract for Myers had the annual cap hit around $5.5 million.

Now about that cap space… the Sabres have some housework to do as the team currently sits over $3 million over the ceiling, although Myers’ contract will not have an impact on the club this season.

Update: Pierre LeBrun of ESPN confirms that Myers’ deal is worth $38.5 million over seven years. A $5.5 million cap hit it is.

Update #2: Myers’ camp must have negotiated a clause that would allow him to stack his money 6’8″ high (his actual height), because Bob McKenzie reports that the deal also includes a $10 million signing bonus.

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