New Goal Songs for a New Season

The new NHL season is upon us and we’re excited. We’re excited enough that pretty much anything to do with hockey will ignore almost anything else in our lives and pay attention.

Goal songs are a big part of the NHL arena experience. Teams like the Chicago Blackhawks and the New York Rangers have shown us the importance of having a song that simultaneously pumps up your own fans and annoys the opposition to no end. As the new season is here, some teams have decided to change their goal songs. A few have even let the fans have some input.

One of those teams is the Ottawa Senators. A while ago they posted a note on their Facebook page asking for goal song suggestions. You have to like the Facebook page to see the note, but here’s what it says, from the 6th Sens:

Sens Army, we want your help to select a new goal song for the Ottawa Senators. We want your suggestions for an up-beat, energetic, and interactive song that will bring fans to their feet and kick off the celebration every time the Sens score a goal at home. Just fill out the form below and we’ll pick the best ones and put it to a vote.

The suggestions started coming in… and then opposition fans decided to have some fun. Urged on by this post on Deadspin, fans started voting for Nickelback’s “Burn It To The Ground.” This song is currently used by the WWE for Monday Night Raw:

Will the song actually win? Will it become the new Senators goal song? Right now, no one knows.

But the Senators aren’t the only team to have a new goal song. Their rivals and opponents last night, the Toronto Maple Leafs, have a new song as well: “The Whip” by Locksley.

It’s been met with mixed reaction on the Internet, but we like it. It has the same fun, sing-along, indie quality that made “Chelsea Dagger” a big hit with the Blackhawks.

Will other teams debut new goal songs this year? Likely. Usually teams take the opportunity to play around with goal songs during the preseason to see what works.

Back in March, Joe Buscaglia of Bills Beat Blog suggested that the Sabres use “Swords of 1000 Men” by the Tenpole Tudors as the team’s goal song. The song was later used “on a test run basis” for Sabres goals. We’re not sure what the Sabres will be using this season however.

New goal songs are just one of the many things fans look forward to at the start of a new season.

There are a lot of “standard” goal songs in the NHL that are getting a little worn out. “Rock and Roll, Part 2,” “Kernkraft 400″ and “Song 2″ are all great goal songs, but they’ve been used to death. It’s great to see some teams changing things up and trying to come up with new ways to pump up the crowd. Those asking for fan suggestions are heading in a good direction, even if that will result in even more Nickelback being played at hockey games.