Another Sidney Crosby Update

Because it’s been a while since we had a press conference with Sidney Crosby and his doctors, this seems like as good of a time as any to have another Sidney Crosby update. As you know, the last time we heard anything official on Sidney Crosby’s health it was Christmas and Sidney was a Ferrari… or something.

Since training camp opened, Crosby has been practicing with the Penguins in a non-contact role. He’s been wearing a white helmet in practice to distinguish the fact that he can’t take contact because, according to Penguins announcer Paul Steigerwald during yesterday’s preseason game, he didn’t want to wear a red jersey. These details are all very important we’re sure.

However, today Crosby didn’t practice. Cue the dramatic music.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Crosby had been at practice for five consecutive days. They point out that missing practice today “doesn’t mean his recovery from a concussion has suffered a setback.”The article then goes on to say that Crosby wasn’t even supposed to practice today, rendering the fact that he didn’t skate relatively meaningless.

In keeping with a schedule released before the start of training camp, the only players skating today will be those dressing for a preseason game against Chicago tonight at 7 at Consol Energy Center.

The only exception apparently will be forward Dustin Jeffrey, who went on the ice for the game-day skate even though he is recovering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament and is not particularly close to being ready for games.

General manager Ray Shero, who confirmed that Crosby will have the day off, said Jeffrey is skating because he had a day off earlier in the week.

Well that puts an end to that scare. A few days ago an article stated that Crosby’s recent workouts were positive and “while he still isn’t being allowed contact, there has been plenty of jostling along the boards and in the corners during drills.”

Penguins winger Chris Kunitz even hit Crosby with a shoulder during a practice and Sid seemed fine afterwards.

But that’s not all for the controversy. Last week one of Crosby’s doctors said that Crosby may be ready for contact already.

“Sid’s as ready (for physical contact) as just about any player in the NHL,” said Florida-based chiropractor Ted Carrick. “Now it is more a situation of his physicality and getting back into shape.”

We honestly don’t know how much a chiropractor knows about head injuries, but the fact that any doctor would say anything about Crosby’s medical situation without Crosby and representatives from the Penguins being present certainly seems strange.

On his end, Crosby responded that he doesn’t “know where (those rumors) came from.”

Of course, speculating about Crosby’s return is generally pointless. He could go through several practices without feeling any symptoms and then wake up feeling dizzy the next day. That’s just the nature of the brain injury that he suffered. There won’t be any way to know for sure when Crosby will be ready to return until he’s actually ready to return. However, the fact that he’s skating can probably be considered good news. Since Crosby is such a big name in the NHL and since he hasn’t played in so long, we fully expect this sort of drama to continue for a very long time, maybe even after Crosby returns to the ice… whenever that is.