This is how you disappoint people

Philadelphia’s Wayne Simmonds made headlines last week following an incident of racism that we wish never took place. Simmonds had a banana peel thrown at him during a shootout attempt versus the Detroit Red Wings at an exhibition game in London, Ontario. Although it was despicable act by one idiot fan, Simmonds was rightfully lauded for the manner in which he handled questioning from the media after the incident. Unfortunately, Simmonds was accused of committing his own act of intolerance during a Monday night exhibition match against the New York Rangers.

Simmonds and Sean Avery exchanged words following an ugly hit from behind by Tom Sestito during the first period. Simmonds appeared to yell something in Avery’s direction that may or may not have been “faggot”. Avery, who is well known for his endorsement of gay marriage, would state after the game that Simmonds did indeed direct a homophobic slur at him. Katie Strang of ESPN New York reported the Avery confirmation, but also reported that Simmonds couldn’t recall exactly what he had said to Avery.

Here’s a look at the incident:

Although the above clip leaves some room for doubt, Simmonds sudden case of amnesia and body language during his post-game chat with the media aren’t exactly helping clear him of any wrong doing.

Simmonds was unwilling to own up to the accusations, but then again he didn’t exactly deny it either. It’s disappointing and another painful reminder of the hateful side of hockey culture.

Now we will wait and see if the NHL gets involved and whether or not Simmonds could face some discipline if Avery’s accusations are found to be true. The NBA fined Kobe Bryant $100,000 last season for directing a gay slur at a referee, and lest we forget James Wisniewski’s two-game suspension for his obscene gesture towards Avery last October.

The Flyers would take the game by a 5-3 final, and Sestito is likely to earn himself a suspension for his nasty hit on Andre Deveaux.

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  1. im not mad, im just disapointed, you can clearly tell he said “faggot” but until he admits it…..

  2. Jesus, how much more can we take….

    The guys are arguing and you cant call a guy a fag because he wont fight, because it’s too “offending” to gay people. What’s next, you will tell a guy he’s playing like a girl and you will be fine because the feminist dont like that?

    Come on, arent we being more catholic then the pope himself?

  3. What if instead of calling “a guy a fag because he wont fight” he had called him “French” because he won’t fight?
    Wouldn’t that be offensive and wrong? Yes it would be. Either way you’re associating weakness with a particular group of people. That’s stereotyping and that’s why it’s offensive.

  4. my god !!!!

    If i say you play like a little girl, will you still see it as ” associating weakness with a particular group of people. That’s stereotyping and that’s why it’s offensive. ”

    Come on, I think that we are getting really close to changing the sport itself and name it curling if we continue with all this anti fight, collision, concussion bull”&”$%&.

    Oh wait, cant say that, might have offended curling…see my point…

  5. 1. Sean Avery does not come with a whole lot of credibility — who knows what was truly said
    2. It’s on ice trash talk; purportedly invented the same day as hockey — who cares what was truly said
    3. Everyone who has ever done any on ice (on field, on floor, on mat) trash talk amidst a heated hockey (or other) game knows there absolutely nothing sincere whatsoever in any of the exchanges, including “hey, good fight”, after the fight is over
    4. Sean Avery trying to put his name in the news (again)
    5. Sean Avery reducing his street cred amongst NHL’ers some more

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