The NHL Zoo

The NHL is a crazy place filled with a variety of interesting characters.  It’s tough to keep track of all of them, so we’ve put together this easy guide to all of the attractions you’ll see when you visit the NHL Zoo!

When you arrive at the zoo you’ll first want to check in with Zookeeper Shanahan.

If you can’t find him right away, check out the NHL’s video room. He’ll likely be recording another video for the members of the zoo. They simply can’t function normally without near constant video explanations about what constitutes proper behaviour. You would think that they would have developed a society that understands basic rules, but you’d be wrong.

You’ll likely find our next subject near Zookeeper Shanahan, because this character requires almost constant supervision. We’re talking about the Headshotting Ram. These mammals are very prevalent in the NHL zoo, so much so in fact that they often considered pests. The NHL Zoo has implemented a strategy to get rid of them, but it isn’t working. The most dangerous and unruly type of Headshotting Ram is the Matt Cooke variety.These brutes love to hit others in the head so much that if they should find themselves without a vulnerable target, they will head shot each other instead. The NHL Zoo team has tried to limit the violent actions of the Matt Cooke Ram recently, but they have had little success.At the complete opposite end of the spectrum is the Skinner Hampster. This cute little character is universally loved by everyone who visits the NHL Zoo. He is very young (nearly a baby) and is a very popular attraction, especially among small children, young girls and the elderly. Many hope he never grows up!The old, stoic guardian of the NHL Zoo is Tim Grizzly Thomas. At first glance he appears to be awkward and gruff, but Grizzly Thomas has surprisingly quick reflexes and excellent agility. Nothing gets by Grizzly Thomas without a fight.You’ll usually find our next subject near Grizzly Thomas. He’s the Luongoat, also known as the Playoff Goat. This poor creature is frequently blamed for almost everything that goes wrong around him. He doesn’t react well under pressure and has a bizarre fondness for tires.

The final stop on our tour is the domain of the Boxing Kanegaroo.This character doesn’t look very menacing, but he is known to strike out at the innocent without warning. He is, however, quite intelligent and he’s learned to identify a two-year-old joke.

We hope you enjoy your stay at the NHL Zoo!