As most readers of this site know by now, today will be the last day that theScore’s hockey blog will exist in its current format. We are very excited for Justin Bourne to launch his new blog, Backhand Shelf, early next week. Before Justin begins his tenure here, I’d like to take a minute to express some thanks to all of the people that made my job running Houses of the Hockey the best gig a guy could ask for.

I’d like to thank theScore for offering a guy who was running an irreverent hockey blog from his living room the opportunity to take things to a bigger stage. I’d also like to thank Jonathan Willis, Scott Herkes, Sean Tomlinson, Kent Wilson, Rick Moldovanyi, Bloge Salming, Down Goes Brown, John Matisz and Kevin Burgundy for providing the content that made our site one of the web’s more interesting stops for hockey news and insight. Most of all I’d like to thank the readers that came by HOTH on a daily basis.

Be sure to keep up with all of the latest work from our former contributors in the various places they’ll continue to pump out top notch hockey content around the web. As for me, I’ll be moving to a new role here at theScore with the Buzz section on our front page and lending some humour and sports knowledge to The Break.

With that, we’ll leave on a high note by republishing our award winning Hockey Cats series this afternoon. You’re welcome.