This came up on twitter this afternoon via @SlavaMalamud of Russia’s Sports Express and, who is a must-follow. I’ll wait while you do that.

Done? Kay, cool.

Malamud tweeted “Want to know the big difference between the NHL and KHL? This is the KHL’s top 10 hits of the week.”

And man-oh-man was he ever bang on.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a couple of doozies in there – numbers #7, #4, and #1 are all legit big hits, but the rest of the list is absolutely comical. They’d barely be worth commentator mention if they took place in an NHL game. Even I might have survived a season over there (well, physically. Lord knows I couldn’t keep up).

Also, the hits are sort of awkward.

Also, they’re horribly ranked.

Anyway, without any further ado, I present….


Slava passed along a little additional information for us. For example:

The victim of hit #9 happens to be none other than ex-NHLer Petr Prucha. Apparently after the hit, the commentator says “…He just touched him slightly there…”

The aggresor in hit #2 is, as Slava put it, “none other than fearsome people eater Jozef Stumpel.”

Better still, is that number one was so egregious, it provoked a brawl. THE MADNESS.

This isn’t up to laugh at the KHL, a very legit, high-end league. It’s to calm everyone down who’s afraid we’re going to suspend contact out of the NHL with our new rules. It will never regress to this point.

If an NHL top-10 hit list ever looks like this, I’ll throw myself into a stanchion.