Could we someday have two “Charas” in the Montreal-Boston rivalry?

Jarred Tinordi was drafted in the first round of the 2010 entry draft, going 22nd overall to the Montreal Canadiens. He currently plays for the London Knights of the OHL.

Here’s a few more facts I can share with you about Jared:

*He’s 19

*He’s a defenseman

*He’s 6’7″, 212 pounds

*He scares the ever-loving shit out of me.

Earlier this morning the following video was tweeted by my friend @ArponBasu (who was retweeting @EricEngels), in which Tinordi throws a nice clean open-ice hit that, had I been playing in that game, would’ve made me want to take my gear off and take up blogging.

What follows is Frank Carrado bravely trying to stand up to Tinordi for his linemate, then getting his ear punched 1,062 times with descending blows. Enjoy (bottom of your screen):

…Somewhere, an angel just got it’s wings.

In a hockey climate where we’re not supposed to be enjoying this part of the game, can we just take a second to enjoy this part of the game? (BTW, there’s a nice post from Daniel Wagner elaborating on that point coming this evening.)

It doesn’t make you insensitive to the severity of concussions or the role of tough guys to like a good clean hit where no one gets hurt, and a lopsided fight where the only repercussion for the losing combatant is straight up pain. And ouch, those ear punches will swell and hurt on the bus and make him miserable.

Y’know why number 19 got drilled there?

Because Tinordi had fantastic timing on a guy who had literally just gotten rid of the puck, and the offensive player didn’t have the time or angle to see him coming, which is one of the risks of open ice. It was just unfortunate for the kid who got hit – that play ends better for him 99% of the time.

But on those one-percenters, man, there’s something old school about that, like the Willie Mitchell on Jonathan Toews hit – again, just tough luck on the timing and angles (the Toews one is a little scarier, what with the Bambi legs and all).

So to heck with it. Today we’re enjoying some good old fashioned hockey and not feeling bad about it. That kid got rocked.

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  1. No Mike Milbury “pink hat” talk on that hit…wow did Tinordi light him up!

  2. BOOM. What a beast.

  3. That would have made the top 20 in the KHL for sure… 25 at the most.

  4. The KHL would’ve just run the hit from different angles and called it 5 through to 1.

  5. When the victim bumps the puck off the center ice boards before getting checked, did he think little Tinordi [his dad'll always be big Tinordi to me] was going to pass on checking him? The whole thing develops right in his line of sight. What was he thinking?

    BTW, big Tinordi scared the s#*+ out of me also.

  6. I think the victim looks to where he’s trying to bump the puck (so looking ahead past the oncoming body), and has about .5 seconds to react after that. Most opposing d-man wouldn’t do the damage little T did, so maybe he knew he was gonna get hit and didn’t expect the force? I dunno man. But BLAMMO.

  7. Haha, I love the It’s A Wonderful Life reference. That was a huge hit.

  8. Couple errors:

    “Here’s a few more facts I can share with you about Jared:” — Should be “Here are a few more…”

    “What follows is Frank Carrado” — It’s Frank Corrado.

    “an angel just got it’s wings” — its, not it’s.

    “straight up pain” — straight-up should be hyphenated.

    • So happy we got him draft.

      He wont be NHL ready for 2-3 years, but i’m looking forward to have a big mean D-man like him. It’s not like the Habs are overflowing with big body.

      We havent had this “genre” of player since…well….geez Craig Ludwig!!!!

      Imagine in 2-3 years Tinordi paired with Pk Subban…wow.

      But I dont think he will ever be Chara….I dont think no one could be Chara..he’s just a beast out there. Can you imagine Islanders and Ottawa trade this guy!!! Dumbasses.

    • Getting grammar policed by a guy naming himself LMFAO is just priceless!!

  9. Love when Corrado’s bucket goes flying, reminds me of a video game when the player is suddenly wearing no lid.

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