Whiteout? Blue-nket? ...Wow that was a bad attempt at "blanket."

First off, let me apologize for choosing a question for a headline. I always click those and fantasize about coming to a site where the body of the text reads something like:


But of course, as with all headline-question posts, it usually implies there’s some sort of debate, and this instance is no different. Let’s launch into it.

The Winnipeg Jets open the season at home on Sunday, October 9th against the Montreal Canadiens.

As with all home teams, they’ll be wearing their dark colours (which this blogger thinks is stupid. Whites are almost always nicer, and I came up in hockey equating white with the home team). Their home jersey colour is officially called ”Polar Night Blue.”

But of course, fans of the Winnipeg Jets are known for their classic ”whiteout.” The image of their final game in ’96 is burned into the brains of most hockey fans who were around at the time.

White is, of course, the colour that the visiting Montreal Canadiens will be wearing. Logically then, having everyone wear white would make no sense. It’s not like the Habs would think the fans are cheering for them or anything, it just seems sort of…wrong.

It’s also worth mentioning that the whiteout stayed with the organization when it moved to Phoenix, where fans have kept the tradition alive (or at least on life support).

Pic from curtiswalker.com

The prevailing sentiment when it comes to the return of the Jets has been straight up nostalgia (you guys remember they weren’t that awesome, right?). The folks at True North went with the classic name of “Jets” after all, and in doing so saved themselves from being hunted by an angry, pitchfork-and-torch weilding mob.

That nostalgia is the foundation of the main argument for why they should do it: they really, really wanna.

And, that’s just fine. I mentioned earlier that I think white’s should be worn at home because that’s how I remember it, and they’re going off the same premise. (Still, my thirst for the past isn’t tossing any logic by the wayside.)

Let’s take a closer look at the situation:

Contributing factors

A reason to not do the whiteout: True North has put out a statement that they won’t tell fans what colour to wear. Which is bizarre, considering this Winnipeg Sun column showing they bought the Canadian trademark rights to the term “whiteout.”

A reason to do the whiteout: most fans – and this makes my head explode – have not yet received their home jerseys that they ordered, as they still don’t have enough made. Incomprehensible.

A reason to not do the whiteout: the home blues are being unveiled for the first time, and some fans have received their home uni’s. Of course they want to wear them.

A reason to do the whiteout: Dave Capone of Winnipeg – @davec4pone – has started #whiteoutorstayin trending in Winnipeg already. People really, really wanna do the damn whiteout, okay?

I have a friend with Jets season tickets who passed this thought along:

The major concern is that it’ll be half blue, half white, and nobody will make a statement one way or another.

So here we are, Jets fans. We’re down to the week of the season opener, and you’re yet to decide which gown to wear to the big ball.

I personally think if it’s nostalgia you want, give yourselves a big heaping bowlful. Go for it. Eff logic.

And what about you, hockey fans? Should they go with the whiteout? Another colour? Or scrap it all together?