Hm....where's the All-Star game this year again?

Well, this should be fun.

The hockey community, as most people know, is a small one. If you’ve played some years of pro hockey, you know a lot of guys on a lot of teams. If you’re someone who’s been through an entire NHL career, you know just about everyone.

Well, Twitter has made it so that the community of fans and media are both quite a bit tighter too (if you haven’t noticed yet, I’m quite the fan of Twitter). Thus, ideas spread fast.

Well, we at Backhand Shelf have a feeling this one might burn across the landscape like uncontained wildfire.

The latest brainchild to be hatched took shape in the sick-and-twisted minds of two Toronto Maple Leafs enthusiasts. From one friend to another, the idea was passed along in an email to Friend of the Blog @felixpotvin (psst, it’s not the goaltender, it’s our colleague from Pension Plan Puppets), which read something like this:

Vote the line-up of Dany Heatley, Marion Hossa, Martin Havlat, Zdeno Chara, Chris Campoli and Ray Emery into this year’s All-Star Game…in Ottawa.

Pic cuts out the part where it says “but Dany Heatley, not so much.”

Oh man. Now that’s just cruel.

Also, I think we can all agree that it’d be fully entertaining.

We wouldn’t be alone in our delight, it appears. Here’s none other than Puck Daddy himself, @wyshynski, responding to @felixpotvin “That is the greatest idea in the history of ideas. Puck Daddy will throw its fully armed/operational battle station behind this.

Well then, who are we to sit this one out?

Our fearless #projectmayhem leader, Tyler Durden @felixpotvin reminds: “We need to focus our whole effort on Dany Heatley to the starting lineup. Zdeno Chara will be there on merit. #ProjectMayhem”

And also:

NHL will likely torch anything like Wade Redden, given the Rory Fitzpatrick precedent.

Good point. And lastly:

We don’t want every former Senator in the ASG, just the most hated former Senators. Focus your attack people. (Assist to @SkinnyPPPhish)

So there you have it. Our groundrules have been laid.

Now, I’m generally not one to promote behaviour like this. I understand that if one of these guys gets in, it robs someone deserving of one.

For that reason exactly, I only want the reasonable ones to get in. Heatley has been an All-Star, as has Hossa, as has Havlat, as has Chara. None of them have fallen off that bad. It’s not like when fans randomly pushed to get Rory Fitzpatrick in.

If they have even remotely decent years, I’m on board with a mildly down-scaled Project Mayhem. They’re just so close anyway, why not up our entertainment value of a consistently dull event? It would be fun for fans all over!

The most exciting part? If they do the player draft again, where do these guys go? Who wants to push the crowd against your team right off the hop? We could have a standing O from Sens fans if they’re the last dudes sitting around, before the puck even drops on a game.

So once the season gets going, get out to the polls, people. We’ve got some ballot stuffing to do.