Hm....where's the All-Star game this year again?

Well, this should be fun.

The hockey community, as most people know, is a small one. If you’ve played some years of pro hockey, you know a lot of guys on a lot of teams. If you’re someone who’s been through an entire NHL career, you know just about everyone.

Well, Twitter has made it so that the community of fans and media are both quite a bit tighter too (if you haven’t noticed yet, I’m quite the fan of Twitter). Thus, ideas spread fast.

Well, we at Backhand Shelf have a feeling this one might burn across the landscape like uncontained wildfire.

The latest brainchild to be hatched took shape in the sick-and-twisted minds of two Toronto Maple Leafs enthusiasts. From one friend to another, the idea was passed along in an email to Friend of the Blog @felixpotvin (psst, it’s not the goaltender, it’s our colleague from Pension Plan Puppets), which read something like this:

Vote the line-up of Dany Heatley, Marion Hossa, Martin Havlat, Zdeno Chara, Chris Campoli and Ray Emery into this year’s All-Star Game…in Ottawa.

Pic cuts out the part where it says “but Dany Heatley, not so much.”

Oh man. Now that’s just cruel.

Also, I think we can all agree that it’d be fully entertaining.

We wouldn’t be alone in our delight, it appears. Here’s none other than Puck Daddy himself, @wyshynski, responding to @felixpotvin “That is the greatest idea in the history of ideas. Puck Daddy will throw its fully armed/operational battle station behind this.

Well then, who are we to sit this one out?

Our fearless #projectmayhem leader, Tyler Durden @felixpotvin reminds: “We need to focus our whole effort on Dany Heatley to the starting lineup. Zdeno Chara will be there on merit. #ProjectMayhem”

And also:

NHL will likely torch anything like Wade Redden, given the Rory Fitzpatrick precedent.

Good point. And lastly:

We don’t want every former Senator in the ASG, just the most hated former Senators. Focus your attack people. (Assist to @SkinnyPPPhish)

So there you have it. Our groundrules have been laid.

Now, I’m generally not one to promote behaviour like this. I understand that if one of these guys gets in, it robs someone deserving of one.

For that reason exactly, I only want the reasonable ones to get in. Heatley has been an All-Star, as has Hossa, as has Havlat, as has Chara. None of them have fallen off that bad. It’s not like when fans randomly pushed to get Rory Fitzpatrick in.

If they have even remotely decent years, I’m on board with a mildly down-scaled Project Mayhem. They’re just so close anyway, why not up our entertainment value of a consistently dull event? It would be fun for fans all over!

The most exciting part? If they do the player draft again, where do these guys go? Who wants to push the crowd against your team right off the hop? We could have a standing O from Sens fans if they’re the last dudes sitting around, before the puck even drops on a game.

So once the season gets going, get out to the polls, people. We’ve got some ballot stuffing to do.

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  1. How will they be on the same line?

    • It never ceases to amaze me how juvenile Leaf fans are… they simply are the worst fans in the league and their overall knowledge of anything outside the GTA is lacking at best. They probably haven’t considred the angle that most Sens fans could really care less that former players will be in the ASG. Heck, some will even be impressed that Ottawa nurtuered so many great players. LoL, who do the Leafs have to be proud of that is at all capable of making it to the ASG? Sorry, Sundin and Belfour are not an option, Tough guys aren’t considered so Tie is out. Is Kaberle literally the only real option to MAYBE make it? But im sure Leaf fans think the whole team will make it this year.
      Sorry to see that Bourne is a Leaf fan… They have enough numbskulls bandwagoning as it is.

      • Wait, I’m a Leaf fan? No sir. I like the Leafs. I like the Sens a lot too. I’m a New York Islander fan. Just having fun bud. It’s all good.

        • It was more of an add-in to garner a response from you and perhaps see where your allegiance lies… Props to backing the Isles given their recent history. Are you able to tell us which teams you don’t like? Having fun myself as well and things are all good. Great work so far on the site and I look forward to the daily read.


          • Thanks man. As for teams I don’t like….even though I bet on them being good, I don’t care for Philly. I hate the Rangers and Oilers, as I grew up with my Dad playing for the Islanders. Other than that, not too many passionate hates. I don’t care about certain teams (ie Carolina), but I don’t dislike them.

      • The Leafs have been shit for years. How are their fans bandwagoners?

  2. As a Sens fan I’ll profess to not really get what the goal of this – clearly there is a feeling from Leafs fans that having these former Sens around will be some sort of…I dunno. Annoyance? Prank? Sad reminder of former times? But either way, outside of Heatley those players are still quite well liked here and, well, we sure do love booing Dirty Dany. It seems to me that Sens fans are just as likely to support this as be annoyed by it. Just my two cents…

  3. That’s fantastic. Has a player ever had objects thrown at him at an All-Star game? It could happen with Heatley. If you could somehow get Kuba on there as the Sens lone representative to pair up with Chara it would successfully put the entire ‘Sens Army’ on life tilt.

  4. Oh man, could you imagine the sheer joy for Sens fans if Dany Heatley got picked last. And then the look on his face when he wins the convertible.

  5. Ha, I think the goal is pretty harmless – Leafs fans trying to steal joy from Sens fans by having them hate the majority of the players in their own All Star Game. I like the Sens quite a bit, but I gotta admit, some boos at an All Star Game would spice things up nicely.

    • The only one that would be booed is Hately. The others are either liked or indifferent to fans. The only way we’d hate the majority of the players in the ASG is if there were a bunch of Leafs, and we know that’ll never happen…

    • That would pretty much be limited to Heatley, who – let’s face it – is a likely candidate for the All-Star game without this effort.

      There isn’t a whole lot of hated former Sens. Heatley obviously. Yashin too, and you might be able to make a case for some short term hate for Kovalev or Ruutu, but none of them are in the NHL.

      Frankly, most ex-Sens that stand a chance at making the All-Star game are players that a lot of the fans in Ottawa still like, and would cheer loudly for.

      And it would all fit in nicely with the 20th anniversary of the current franchise.

  6. Wow, keep reaching for that rainbow Leafs fans…maybe if you put as much effort into forcing your owners to ice a winning team you’d be a contender. This is truly the most pathetic thing i have ever read, never felt sadder for Leafs fans.

  7. Ottawa fans are sensitive, never got over Lalime in that game7.

    • I still wake up in sweats screaming NIEUWENDYK NOOOOOOOOO

    • Or every other failure.

      (Don’t forget “Cup winning goal scored for Ducks by own player.”)

      (… yes, I know that my team lost a cup final because of an illegal stick. Quiet.)

  8. Might as well vote for Alexandre Daigle then too.. hahaha

  9. I’m a huge (and very knowledgeable) Sens fan and I think it’s an AWSOME idea. I love Probject Mayhem in Fight Club and I love even more for the 2012 NHL ASG!

    With the Big Z, Meszaros, Corvo, Campolli, Salo and Volchenkov rounding out the D – we could then vote in Hossa, Fisher, Havlat, Kelly, Laich, Vermette and I’m an “All Star” Danny Fucking Heatley! Put Emery in the cage, fly Hasek back to North America, add in Alfie-Spezza- Karlesson, with Anderson between the pipes …. and kids, we’ve go ourselves one hell of an entertaining weekend!

  10. Now I kinda wish Yashin was picked up by someone. It would have been fun to add him to that list.

  11. I’m a Sens fan, who will be at the All-star game, and I hope this happens, here’s why…

    Fisher, Hossa and Havlat are very popular in Ottawa still, and it would be nice to have them at the game for sure because of the ovations they would get.

    Many fans like myself love Chara and would want him at the game. Some don’t like him but it’s because he’s so damn good.

    Dany Heatley has just had the embarrassment of being sent from the sunny California contending Sharks to the cold mediocre Wild. To be able to give him the ultimate embarrassment of being booed at the All-Star game when introduced, and every time he touched the puck would be PRICELESS !!! Please, please make this happen !!!

    Emery won’t be on the ballot, no chance he’s elected as a write in, even if so, they’d disallow him like they did Rory Fitzpatrick.

    Thanks, guys, I wish I’d thought of it myself. I’ll definitely be voting for these guys and spreading the word to fellow Sens fans.

    Vote Heatley, Havlat, Hossa, Fisher, Chara !!!!!

  12. This is awesome FOR sens fans! There’s only 2 previous sens we don’t want to see, Heatley and Yashin. The later is no longer an issue, but voting Heatley in, not only gives us a much needed 2nd opportunity to boo him this year, it also removes the chance of other worthwhile players from these fans’ teams not making it because of this. Love the idea, too bad leafs fans think us sens fans would be bothered!

  13. As a sens fan, this is amazing. Imagine Heatley being booed at the All Star game while hearing Hossa, Havlat and probably Chara cheered!

  14. What a joke, are the sens in your head much. The only time this idea comes up for an All star game is when its in Ottawa. Not that it matters but this is pathetic. Let the fans of this team celebrate their players like every other team in the league does when they get the chance every thirty years. Do what you want but think long and hard about why. Its because your selfish and dont like fans of another city being celebrating there team and city. It really is pathetic. Heatley is the only one we wouldnt want anyway. All of these guys wanted to stay and loved it there and recommend it to other players. I would love to cheer for Hossa and Havlat again. Chara will be there regardless and he was popular once here. Most fans wanted to keep him after watching him dummy Bryan McCabe. As leaf fans this sums you up completely, you are willing to work harder against another team then you are for your own. But no the Sens arent in your heads. Who even comes up with this.

  15. Nice touch with the being celebrating.

  16. Guess Sens fans will need to fight back with Tyler Sequin.

  17. You are aware that the majority of Sens fans don’t give a shit if it’s a lot of ex-Sens playing in the all-star game? Like Connor pointed out, the Sens have produced a lot of good players over our 20 year history that have gone on to do as well on other teams.

    If you people want to literally make the All-Star game all about Ottawa and our former players just because you don’t have any decent talent as of late to contribute, then all the power to you.

  18. Toronto has no All-Stars to vote in (past or present), so they’ve come up with a way to get under the Sens Army’s skin…or so they thought.

    Personally I would love to see Havlat, Hossa, Chara and Volchenkov back for the All Star Game! Heck even bring back Douchebad Danny! He wouldn’t hbave the balls to show up!

  19. As a Sens fan, I welcome this….PLEASE bring Heatley back…the other players would be nice to see….

    THANKS leaf nation…very kind to do this for us!!!

    wow, never thought I’d be thanking you windbags!!! ;)

  20. Man oh man, as a Sens fan I hope this happens.

    Nothing I’d love more than being able to cheer on a ton of old Sens players along with Alfie… in fact, if they do the “player draft” again this year, I’d love to see Captain Alfie pick every ex-Sen, and see an All-Star team full of Sens alumni.

    I think what Leafs fans fail to recognize here is that with the exception of Heatley, Senators fans see ex-Sens like their own kids who have left the house to see the world. These guys grew up in our system, developed here, had some great years here. And, with the exception of Heatley, ALL of them left the team on phenomenal terms with the fan base. You generally won’t hear a bad word spoken about any of them in this town.

    So I say cudos, Leafs fans. Please, please help us do this. We can make it happen if we work together. It would be the icing on the cake to our 20th anniversary celebrations, seeing all the former Sens come home one more time to play in front of the fans who saw them grow up.

    Best. All Star Game. Ever.

  21. Please bring Hossa, Havlat, Chara, etc. to the All Star Game. We like those guys.

    Besides, it would be fun to boo Heatley at the ASG.

  22. Are you kidding me? I already have my ticket for the game and I would LOVE to see Hossa, Havlat and all the boys back. Where did you get the idea that these were “hated” players.

    Best idea ever. Thanks!

  23. As a Sens fan, I gotta say, I’d love to see this happen. Get as many of them back as you can. Seriously. Even Heatley. I’m not sure why you thought this would be humiliating or something.

  24. Would be nice to have all the old guys back in our barn for a 20th anniversary get together.

    By all means, invite them back, and we get another go at booing Heatley.

    Great initiative, thanks.

    -All Sens fans :-)

  25. Basically echoing all the Sens fans comments in here. That’d be an awesome touch for the game in Ottawa.

    Seeing Heatley get booed would be the best of all.

  26. “Dany Douchebag” getting sung as the top of our lungs during the ASG?! Thank you Toronto.. :D

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