If this man's word was gold, he'd have digestion issues after what took place yesterday

I absolutely love this video. I actually Laughed Out Loud.

When you work alone from home and peruse the internet, you find many a wonderful, hilarious thing. I read them, I laugh inside my head, or maybe even smile, and I move on. But sometimes something catches you, as this did.

As a writer, every opinion you spout is right there in hard copy, lasting and permanent for people to see. They can print it out and put it in a drawer if they want, or even do something strange like buy and keep a newspaper. When the Jets and Panthers finish 14th and 15th in the Eastern Conference next year, you’re all free to dial up my previous post, email it to me and type some hilarious version of the message “Seriously? Dude, SERIOUSLY?”

Well, that situation (but better) came to fruition in Alberta over the past year, where Edmonton Sun columnist Terry Jones took things next level.

After watching the Oilers get riddled with injuries during the 2009-2010 season and finish dead last in the NHL, he followed some version of this logical train of thought:

A) One team can not be on the receiving end of that much horrible injury luck in back to back years. That seems impossible.

B) We have an influx of young talent that’s going to improve this team offensively. And therefore….

C) There’s no way this team finishes in 30th again.

He was so confident, in fact, that he closed the column quite emphatically:

With all that in mind, if this team finishes 15th in the Western Conference and 30th overall, this columnist will repeat an offer from Day 1 in the NHL and eat this column at centre ice at Rexall Place with sauerkraut, sour cream and bitter lemon.


Hey, at least they were courteous enough to shred it for him.

Or in the worst case scenario, some very bold flavour.

Well, bold flavour it was. Once again, the Oilers got picked apart by injuries and were unable to overcome their extremely youthful roster.

But, Jones is a man of his words. After all, he’s a man of words, so what good are they if people can’t take them seriously? Much respect for this, Terry.

I can’t embed the video, but you’re going to click this and watch it, because it’s awesome. At center ice, at Rexall place, Terry Jones eats a heaping portion of his own words.