Eddie Pola and George Wyle are two song writers you probably have never heard of. They did however write one of the most famous songs in musical history. It’s a song we have all heard, hummed, and sung along to many times in our lives.  In fact, you can’t get away from it from November 1st to December 26th. The song is “Its’ the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”. A fantastic song (first performed by Andy Williams) , but in my opinion (and many other puckheads opinions), it is factually incorrect.

I sing that song on many different occasions….

I sing it on trade deadline day.

I whistle it on day one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

I even hum it on July 1st when free agency opens.

And I’m singing it today on the first day of the regular season

So that begs the question for us puckheads, what is THE most wonderful time of the year?  Let’s break it down.

Opening Day of the Regular Season


  • After months of going through withdrawal, we finally get our fix. I don’t care who is playing on opening night, I’m watching it with a big smile on my face.
  •  Everyone is tied for first place
  • Dan Carcillo is tied for the scoring lead.
  • The preseason is finally done


  • Terrible jokes/clichés from play-by-play and colour commentators like “Well with that goal he is on pace for 82 this season” or “Wow, he is in mid-season form”
  • People acting like they actually know who is going to meet in the Stanley Cup finals (that reminds me, I’m taking  Pittsburgh in the East and Vancouver in the West)

Trade Deadline Day


  • Arguing with your buddies about who “won the trade”
  • Watching/listening to experts dance on the air when no trades are happening for the first 5 hours (wait a minute; I’ve had to do that. Come to think of it, it sucks. But watching others do it is fun)
  • Watching the trade counter like you are watching the Mountain Climber on The Price is Right


  • “ BREAKING TRADE NEWS, the Nashville Predators have sent a 4th round pick in this year’s entry draft to the Edmonton Oilers for future considerations”
  • Hearing everything there is to know about the 2-3 players who are the most likely to be traded.
  • The 3:10 pm media availabilities with the General Managers.  Once, JUST ONCE, I want Brian Burke to do up his tie to tell the media they are idiots.

The Stanley Cup playoffs


  • Every single game is important.
  • Upsets. There is nothing better than seeing a team that squeaked into the eight-sop knock off a team that dominated the conference all season
  • Goaltending controversies. Last year’s Luongo-Schneider drama against the Blackhawks was epic


  • West coast triple overtime games (it gets really bad when you start calculating how many hours of sleep you will still get if the winner is scored right now)
  • It’s usually around the conference finals when I get my first divorce threat from my wife
  • The later into the playoffs you go, the more you realize that hockey is ending

Even after writing this post, I still don’t know which one actually is the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”.  All I know is, Christmas definitely comes in at number five.


Some opening day links…

Looks like the Blues sale is close to being done, and its a familiar name doing the buying (no not Jim Balsillie) (STLToday)

So not only do EA simulations predict who will win the Stanley Cup, they are now also concussion experts (nhl.com)

Sticking  the EA, word is Leaf fans have planned the parade after seeing this (Globe)

Speaking of predictions, according to (PPP), coaches probably shouldn’t make them (I tend to agree)

According to Slats, Marc Staal could be gone longer than expected (ProHockeyTalk)

I love to gamble, and opening season prop bets are always too juicy to pass up. So what lines look good, just ask Wysh (PuckDaddy)

It seems this year, one of the burning questions isn’t “Will the Bruins repeat?”, its “How will the Canucks bounce back from losing game 7 at home in the finals?”. The guys at (Nucks Misconduct) have you covered with a full preview.

Ok SOME people want to know if the Bruins will repeat. The last team to do it was the Red Wings in ’97 & ’98. But what sport is the toughest to go back-to-back  in? (nesn)

So yesterday Brendan Shanahan released this video showing players “making good choices”. After watching it, you realize that Kris Letang was probably the guy the teacher chose to “watch the class” when they had to leave the room.

One guy who may not be playing in game one of the season is Marty Havlat (Working The Corners)

We may never see Mayweather vs Pacquio, but I’m pretty sure The Bleacher Report’s “Top 15 Fighters on Opening Day Rosters” will all meet sometime this season

That is all, enjoy opening night.