Bruins Cup Celebration

I was really surprised at how many people on twitter hated this. It wasn’t even the length that upset people (an argument I can at least understand) , they were upset that the Bruins passed the Cup around like they just beat the Canucks. So what?  They won their Cup on the road and wanted to give their fans a chance to see them lift it on home ice. We also got to see Mark Recchi one more time in full gear, a bunch of Bruin legends, and the team give Recchi that old ugly team jacket.  The best part was when he put the SMALL jacket, over his LARGE shoulder pads. Click here to see it

Don Cherry

I promised myself this year I wouldn’t get so riled up when Don Cherry says something ridiculous (my wife always asks me “why are you so surprised?”). Cherry went after Brendan Shanahan and job he has done as the new disciplinarian for the league. He said that Shanahan’s suspensions are taking the hitting out of the game. He then goes on to show a montage of Scott Stevens giving guys like Eric Lindros and Paul Kariya concussions (yes the same 2 players who RETIRED because of concussions),   while saying “Enjoy this folks because you will never ever see this again”…that’s the point Don! It doesn’t matter if you like seeing head shots, the fact remains that they are dangerous and have to be taken out of the game.

Jaromir Jagr

I have to admit, as weird as Jagr looked in Flyers jersey, it was still weirder when I watched his first game in Washington. (Top 3 players who looked the weirdest in their new jerseys…Mark Messier-Vancouver, Patrick Roy-Colorado, Jagr-Washington) . Jagr did look motivated in this game while picking up his 1600th career point, but he is aging himself with the grey beard (your stache is trash, your beard is weird)

Canucks Ceremony

So the Canucks are doing their pregame hey guys, I know we won every trophy on earth except the one we really wanted ceremony, when the announcer said the following: “The events that took place after game 7, disappointed and saddened all of us”. I was surprised. I didn’t think they would touch that topic at all. I was even more surprised when they brought out people who helped during and after the riots. PR move? Absolutely. But like I said, I was pleasantly surprised.

Matt Cooke

I know Matt Cooke said he wanted to change his game and you know, stop putting players lives in danger, but 2 goals on opening night? Where the hell did that come from?


To the links we go…

For those of you who loved the Bruins bear campaign, he’s baaack (Days Of Y’Orr)

I ranted above about Don Cherry’s ridiculous comments regarding hitting in the NHL. I didn’t even get to the part when he called Stu Grimson, Chris Nilan and Jim Thomson hypocrites (Globe and Mail)

By the way, Chris Nilan was never one to just sit back and take insults, check out his responses on his Twitter page

Don’t you just hate when you stick a $46,000 cheque in your glove box and totally forget it’s there? (ProHockeyTalk)

Make sure these 11 games are circled on your calendar this season (Dirty Dangle)

By the way, not sure if you caught it, but last night accidentally had porn on their site! If was up for about an hour, and was fetish porn. No not foot fetish or S & M or anything like that, it was “Leaf Porn” . I managed to grab a screen shot

The Rangers and Kings open up their season today in Stockholm, Sweden. Who is the best player to wear both of those jerseys? (The Royal Half)

So James Reimer got a shutout last night, and today is Friday, yup, we are going back there! (This will be in your head all day)

After 6 years as an assistant coach with the Red Wings, Paul MacLean is finally getting a shot at a head coaching job in the league. His first game behind the bench is tonight…in Detroit (Toronto Sun)

That’s it folks. To our Canadian readers, have a great Thanksgiving weekend. Americans, have fun at work on Monday!

Comments (8)

  1. That is some sexy Leaf porn right there.

  2. “Who is the best player to wear both of those jerseys?”

    Listen, I’ve got a signed Marcel Dionne jersey hanging on my office wall, might slip “Luc” into my firstborn son’s name somewhere and think my friend’s the illegitimate son of Ron Dugay, and even I know that’s not much of a question. :)

  3. Also, Recchi looked like Stu Hart circa Survivor Series 1993.

  4. Just a thought: Would Stevens really be suspended for the Lindros and Kariya hits? IMO, they were “full body checks” that just happened to be really, really hard full body checks. They weren’t blindside. They didn’t target the head, at least IMO. Stevens gets a bad rap, I don’t remember him being thought of as a head hunter, just a huge guy who was good at throwing open ice hits. Cherry is right that there will never be hits like that in the NHL again, but that’s only because Stevens is retired.

  5. MikeK,
    In both cases the forward was doing something he should not have been doing (Lindros- Head down, Kariya- admiring pass) .
    But…you will never convince me that Stevens was not trying to take Lindros’ head clear off his shoulders. The Kariya hit is more up for debate, one angle looks like a head shot while the other doesn’t. But it was late, and I will say this, he didn’t hit his head on the ice so where did he suffer the concussion?

    • I wont argue that Stevens didn’t hit both players in the head; he did. I am arguing that the hit wasn’t like some of the blindside hits we see today. Take the Brendan Smith hit, for example, of a hit that was clearly a headhunt. Then look at the Lindross hit:

      Did that hit “Target the head”, and was the head “the principle point of contact”? I’m not sure. Homer glasses, maybe, but to me it looks like he made a lot of contact with the upper body, too. You also have to take Lindros’ head movement into account. He’s leaning forward significantly there trying to get around Niedermayer and the backchecking Pandalfo. Enough there for Shannahan to say no suspension? I think it’s worth a thought.

  6. I’m just glad that hockey is back, I really didn’t have a problem with the bruins ceremony. Like you said they won on the road so their fans deserved something.

  7. What ever happened to forwards being taught to keep their head up? I’m all for Shanahan trying to eliminate heads shots, they do need to go, but it goes both ways. Players need to protect themselves and not put themselves in vulnerable positions. The player who is initiating the hit doesn’t have to take the other player’s head off delivering it.
    Loved the Bruins ceremony. The fan’s that posted that stuff on Twitter should be cleaning up the broken glass they left in Vancouver
    Gretzky looked weird in a Blue’s uniform.

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