Sometimes, people do stupid things. Sometimes people just suck at stuff. I frequently fall into both categories, and I’m okay with that.

But watching the NHL on a nightly basis can really drive the point home sometimes, can’t it? If you’re like me, you may occasionally find yourself thinking “wow, it seems like I’m taking up an awfully large slice of the suck-at-stuff pie. These guys never screw up.”

But, of course they do – those plays just don’t frequently make the highlight reels. I know mistakes both physical and mental happen every night, every game in the NHL.

And so, I present your first Post-Weekend WTF, AKA ”NHLers – they’re just like us!” Feel free to pass along any clips ( that may make the rec league grinder at home feel better about himself.

Just a few clips this week, hope you enjoy.


You can’t prepare yourself for every situation in a hockey game, no matter how long you practice and visualize. Take, for example, this clip of Jason Blake.

WTF are you supposed to do when this happens? Go change? Take it off completely and keep battling? Strangle Ruslan Fedetenko with your jersey?

There’s probably no right answer. Blake certainly didn’t have one.

Ahhh, good stuff. Jersey’d mid-play, a rare feat.


So, I get that being a rookie in the NHL comes with a bit of a learning curve.

But, presumably, Stephane Da Costa hasn’t been a particularly large player at any level he’s played. Also presumably, you would think his size would have led him to the conclusion that there are certain things a player shouldn’t do if he doesn’t want to get smoked, like cutting across the blue line with his head down, for example.

It’s already a cardinal sin, but with Dion Phaneuf on the ice?

WTF, man?


You knew I had to work that decision in there. W. T. F.


Our last clip comes from the same New York Rangers/Anaheim Ducks game in Sweden as our first clip - maybe the long travel crossed up some mental wires somehow.

Brad Richards, shown below, is playing in his second regular season game as a New York Rangers. With just over two minutes left in a 1-0 game, he scored a goal that maybe one or two guys per NHL team could, toe-pulling the puck into his feet (to change the angle), then going bar-down over Hiller’s shoulder. So yes, he’s very good.

But his shootout attempt made me happy.

I love the ”nope I swear I’m still moving forward oh god get this over with” pace he uses on his skate-directly-down-am-I-done-yet move. Slick stuff there, moneybags (1:30 mark).


(Honorable mention to Corey Perry’s “move” to start the clip, where he looks like he just blanked out for a second, then realized he better shoot at some point or things were going to get weird. Also, to Bobby Ryan’s “winner.”)


I can’t sign off without one WTF question too – did the Winnipeg Jets really have a flyover of a closed building? I mean, I guess there were lots of fans outside, but…is this unprecedented? Wouldn’t a soundtrack of flying jets have accomplished the same thing, or were the planes really for the folks outside?

I know, I know, the city was a little hopped up on goofballs, but a flyover? WTF, guys?

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  1. Re: Blake. Do you only get penalty for not having your jersey tied down in the case of a fight?

  2. Ah. As a Stars fan, that video of Richards does my heart good. Thanks for sharing!

    (And no, I’m not the least bit bitter, why do you aski?)

  3. Hannah, good question. I’d say no, he’s still gotta get kicked out for that. Not sure what happened there. That’s a WTF on it’s own – why not tie-down? It takes two seconds.

    Lafs, glad we could provide you with that simple joy. Also, I urge you to not watch his game-tying goal….

    • I refuse to acknowledge it’s existence. :)

    • The jersey situation came up the other night with Malkin. He got into a scrum and had his jersey pulled up over his head as well. Had he received a fighting major he would have also been pulled from the game because of the jersey not being tied down. Instead, he was given a minor for roughing and a free pass on the jersey.

      I don’t remember the exact rule number, but one of the commentators read the rule straight from the book and it did state that only when a fighting major is called is the jersey tie down an issue.

  4. I had no idea that Eric Lindros taught a skating school in France to young chaps like Da Costa

  5. Somebody else recently did a flyover of a closed building. I think it was during one of the American Patriotic holidays, so probably baseball. But I can’t remember who.

    I was just as confused then.

  6. can imagine what is going through da costa’s head when he finally looks up to see a blue blur hurdling at his face-oh ssssssssh BOOM

  7. This particular flyover of a closed building makes much more sense than the inevitable blimp shot of a closed stadium at an NFL game.

    *ooohhh… look at all those parking lots*

    And that will happen at EVERY NFL game.

    I’m guessing the 100,000 Jets fans watching the game on the giant screen at The Forks nearby were certainly impressed and appreciative of the flyover.

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