I have to admit, I’m in a bit of a turkey coma today. It was Thanksgiving this weekend (well it Canada it was, those crazy Americans eat turkey in November).

Most people in this country were busy saying they were thankful for the food they were eating,  their families,  or maybe their health. While I’m obviously thankful for those things, I work in the hockey department here at the Score, not at Hallmark.

So I thought I would do a “What I’m Most Thankful for” list, the hockey edition.

1) I’m thankful for Twitter- watching hockey will never be the same. When something cool/gross/interesting/controversial happens, we not only know about it almost immediately, we get a link so we can see it ourselves.

2) I’m thankful for shootouts- hate them all you want, I still think they are great. Those same fans that crap all over the shootout are standing and cheering during them. And how can you hate something that gives us beauty like this?

3) I’m thankful for my temper- without it, I would just laugh at Don Cherry and not get an opportunity to yell and scream at some of his stupidity.

4) I’m thankful it’s the NBA that is having a labour dispute and not the NHL (for now) – 2004-05 REALLY tested my loyalty to the game. I’m glad it isn’t that NHL that just announced that the first two weeks of the season have been cancelled.

5) I’m thankful for HBO 24/7- Last year’s Pens-Caps 24/7 was one of the greatest things I have ever seen. This year we have the Flyers and Rangers. I am hoping that we get to see Ilya do this again.

Just because I can be a miserable bastard, here are some things I am NOT thankful for:

1) Fantasy hockey- for the millionth time, I don’t care who is on your team.

2) Gary Bettman interviews- His smugness and arrogance makes Kanye West look modest.

3) Matt Cooke- no explanation needed.

Pass the mash potatoes.


Lets take a look at some other stories circulating around the net:

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After the Bruins seemed to piss off everyone except their own fans with their banner raising ceremony, they had one last day with the Stanley Cup. Here is a video and some pictures of what they did (Days of Y’Orr)

Did you ever have someone apologize to you (kind of) , and you knew it wasn’t genuine? Chris Nilan, Jim Thomson and Stu Grimson have, and according to the Montreal Gazette, they have called their lawyer.

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