The hockey world has given us some pretty awful commercials over the years, but it’s also mixed in a few gems.

Bobby Goepfert (from our previous post) shared a classic the other day and reminded me just how awesome Nike did it there for a little while. I miss those commerials.

Before we take a second to remember those, here’s a look at a new one featuring the New Jersey Devils own David Clarkson, complete with Canadian accent. It can’t touch the Nike ones of old I don’t think, but hey, not bad hustle on Clarkson’s part, right?

Nice job when you consider hockey players are notoriously horrific actors.

So where does it rank in the hierarchy of great hockey commercials? Can it compete with the great Nike ones of old? (Short answer: no.)

My personal top 3, all Nike:

Number 3:

The one Goepfert passed along….


Number 2:

I don’t know why, after all these years, I still love this one as much as I do…but I do.

And Numero Uno….


I can’t believe those two guys are in that commercial. What an amazing ad.

Those Nike commercials will take you down the rabbit hole of awesome, you can waste hours. There’s the landscaper, a cab driver, Mats Sundin likes ABBAa homeless goalie, “Sergei, your mother wears red army boots…” it’s endless.

Any recommendations to add to the list of awesome hockey commercials?


(Once again, full disclosure: I do some work for Easton as well and there’s some of their products in the Clarkson vid.)

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  1. Naslund and Kovalchuk – “Don’t Fence Me In” is a great one

    or any Wayne Gretzky ad from the 80s

  2. “Two minutes for looking so good” with Maurice Richard!

  3. The real joy of that first one is that there are probably two dozen former Flyers netminders from the last 20 years that could be….

  4. Weak weak glove hand was my all-time fave, my friends and I still pull that joke out.
    Best non Nike commercial is Cam Neely gardening

    Do you wanna kick my dog while you’re here?

  5. This is just a sick display of skill.

  6. How about Dougie dressed in that cow suit.

  7. Jagr in the UN?! One of the greats in my opinion-

    The old black and white ESPN hockey commercials of the mid 90s were great too..

  8. I’d forgotten about the Federov Nike series! My favorite part is him getting run over at the end (not that I don’t love Federov, but that’s just gold)

    “Stupid HD” with Iginla (
    The Bruins “Don’t date within division” (which goes along with ESPNs “Without sports, this wouldn’t be disgusting”) ( and

    There are others, but nothing I can come up with now.

  9. As the furthest thing from a Red Wings fan, KRONWALLED always got a chuckle out of me:

  10. By far my favorite hockey commercial ever has to be this one with Kolzig

  11. I love the NHL road trip ad, Kessel always gets a laugh “GO,GO,GO!”

  12. Gotta go with kicking Cam’s dog for the all time winner. But those Mats Sundin Nikes were good too.

    Jeff: hadnt seen that one. Love it!

    Love this one too: Because we lover the game:

  13. The only issue I had with the Flyers goalie commercial is that he was originally wearing #31, the number of the late Pelle Lindbergh. After a couple of airings, they finally cought on and digitally changed it to #34.

  14. By far my favorite hockey commercial of all time: the fantasy

  15. Road trip!!!

    Also, note the Shanahammer in the video

  16. Not hockey per se, but you gotta love the hockey reference:

    The Scotiabank ad with Jarome Iginla. Oh, so cheesy.

    Another Iginla commercial, pimping for Scotiabank. Oh, Iginla, you sold your soul :P

    I remember lots more, but I don’t want to hog them all :D

  17. For pure comedic genius, I have to go with the Sportchek commercial where the rec player grants his wife a post-game interview.

  18. My favorite hockey commercial of all time, hands down: No Words, from the 2010 NHL Playoffs. It’s like a chick flick for guys, in 31 seconds. Beautiful.

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