The great Ken Dryden

A discussion of head shots in hockey isn’t tough to find these days, especially for those with internet access. But it’s important that we listen to the right voices in the debate - often the most reasonable of those are drowned out by the people yelling.

The video at the bottom of post contains some of the most intelligent, informed voices out there.

As a hockey community, we want to play it smart and safe, but most of us would like to do it without throwing out the current iteration of the game, a game we’ve come to love so much.

We’ll find the solutions eventually; progress is already being made.

The clip below is 18 minutes long, but the quality of the conversation is valuable. If you’ve got the time, give it a watch.

This is Hockey Under Review, on CBC’s The National with Peter Mansbridge, featuring Elliotte Friedman, Scotty Bowman, Cassie Campbell and Ken Dryden, via Kukla’s Corner)

By the way, while we’re trying to figure out what to do with head shots, can we please implement soft-shell caps on elbow and shoulder pads? That’s not exactly a tough place to start.

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  1. A goalie, a person who played non-contact hockey, and a journalist just don’t do anything for me when we’re talking about hitting in hockey.

  2. There’s no such thing as non-contact hockey – though I find it interesting that she was the most positive about the game as it is currently. They make some great points. We just need someone who’s still in a position to change the rules to reach these conclusions.

    Soft shoulders/elbows (knees) had never occurred to me. Though as a goalie that would definitely make the hits I took to the head less impactfull. Hmmmm.

  3. Scott – that’s fair, but Dryden is a conscientious thinker. He’s smart, has followed hockey, and isn’t exactly guessing. Certainly more informed than I am.

    And DB – soft gear has to happen at some point. I think it’s inevitable.

  4. All three are and do. What I really think might help is, get two guys that were on either side of the same hit to sit down in an open forum. Cooke and Savard, maybe. Let them actually talk about it, make it current.

  5. Please read and sign this petition to get Don Cherry off the CBC..and tell your friends!

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