“It’s not even so much me as it’s Roenick. He’s good”

-Trent in Swingers

One of the best scenes ever involving hockey in a motion picture , and might I add, completely true. Some people love Jeremy Roenick, while others can’t stand the guy. I’m part of that first group.

Roenick has never held back what’s on his mind, whether its to tell the NHL to “wake up”, or getting emotional at never having won the Stanley Cup. J.R was at it again last night. He was on NHL Overtime on Versus and said this:

“I love watching Sidney Crosby, but aren’t you guys sick of all this by now?”

“I’m sick and tired of listening to Sidney Crosby saying, ‘nothing’s new yet…nothing’s new yet.’ Just don’t interview him anymore. I know he’s the best player in the league, the best player in the world. Head shots are very, very difficult. I’m not saying he’s not hurt. There’s no question. I’ve been hit very, very hard. I understand what concussions are all about – you have to be very concerned about this. But enough.”


I have been that guy. The guy who was sent to a sporting event or press conference by my boss to ask a question that I KNEW I would not get an answer to. I spent years doing it, and I understand that other people have that same  job to do. However, if there is nothing to report, than so be it.

Yesterday, everyone was talking about the doctor’s appointment Crosby was going to have. Headlines everywhere read “Could be cleared to play” or “On his way back?”. What happened? He didn’t even meet with the doctor!

Before the age of twitter, 24 hour sports stations, blogs and so many sports sites I have lost count, we really got a couple updates per day (morning paper and 6pm news), now we are bombarded with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the amount of information we have access to. I love the fact that when actual news happens, its usually at our fingertips within minutes (and even seconds), but there are certain stories that I would rather be told when there is something to report.

When he is cleared for contact: tell me.

When he is officially returning to play in a game: let me know.

When he is doing the exact same thing that he did yesterday: no thanks.


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