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Last night I was on my couch watching the Red Wings-Canucks game.

As has become a custom in my hockey watching, I had my iPhone in hand with twitter up and running. It’s a good way to not only let off some sarcastic steam, but to keep up with everything else that is going on that night.

Then what happened was what I refer to as a ‘twitter explosion’ (not a full ‘Steve Jobs passed away’ kind of explosion, but a hockey blast nonetheless)

The next 10-15 tweets in my timeline contained the names “Asham” and “Beagle”.

Most of those tweets also contained the following: OMG, broken face, classless, dead.

OK, lets show you the video, then break it down (Jump to :45 second mark)

Lets answer some of the questions

1) Did Asham know Beagle was hurt when he did the “sleep” taunt?

I say no. He immediately skates away after the knockout punch. When he gets to the box and realizes that Beagle is hurt, there is genuine concern on his face. Not only that, he partakes in something that happens in ALL levels of hockey: the stick tap when an injured player gets up.

2) Should he have done the taunt?

Probably not. HOWEVER, there is this thing in our body called adrenalin, and knocking someone out in front of a packed home arena, might cause that to spike.   Asham himself admitted after the game that it was ” uncalled for, classless on my part”, but also added the emotion got the better of him. Many of us have let that adrenalin get the better of us, and done something “classless”.  Ask yourself this: have you ever been cut off while driving and sped up just so the other driver can get a nice clear view of your middle finger? That’s what I thought Queen Elizabeth.

3) Should Beagle have even been fighting Asham?

Put it this way, if this was Mike Tyson’s Punchout, Beagle would have been Glass Joe. He is not a fighter (according to, he has a grand total of 7, with 3 in the AHL) . However, he did go after Kris Letang and Asham was doing his job.

4) Should Asham be fined/suspended?

Absolutely not. However, I believe this would fall under the jurisdiction of Colin Campbell, so who the hell knows!

Final thought, this was only the second time I have ever seen a fight and thought that one of the players was dead.  Here is the other:



So what else is going on…

Martin Brodeur hurt his shoulder last night. Early reports say he injured it trying to lift his resume (Washington Post)

So who is the Calgary Flame’s all time leader in wins for a goaltender? Nope, not Mike Vernon (Pro Hockey Talk)

Mike Richards returns to Dry Island…sorry…Philadelphia tomorrow night (Philadelphia Enquirer)
Toronto Maple Leafs with guns…seriously (Dirty Dangle)

Ever wonder what is going on inside the blond head of Steven Stamkos? (Barry Merlose Rocks)

Oh now I get it, the problem with Don Cherry is “clarity”. How did we miss that?  (Canadian Press)

The Carolina Hurricanes have a new part owners (Triangle Business Journal)

Ales Hemsky has had surgery on each of his shoulders over the last two seasons. I’ll give you one guess as to what he injured last night (PHT)

Nice to see the NHL and KHL putting differences aside for good cause (Vancouver Sun)

Have a great weekend.