Remember that episode of Seinfeld where George was supposed to get an apology from the recovering alcoholic?

He was looking forward to it, felt he deserved it, but in the end got one that he felt wasn’t sufficient.

Well, that episode popped into my mind on Saturday night. I popped in right about the time Coaches Corner was ending, funny how these things happen.

It takes a big man to admit he was wrong and say “I’m Sorry”. It takes an altogether different kind of man to have an opportunity to say it, refuse, then only say it after reports surface that he may be sued (this is obviously just a hypothetical situation wink wink) .

A lot goes into an apology (trust me, I have made MANY in my lifetime). Timing, length, sincerity all come into play when people are deciding if they “buy” the apology.

It’s easy just to say those words,  but you have to mean it. In my opinion, Saturday night was not one of those times.

Let take a look at a few other hockey apologies and try to rate their sincerity.

Todd Bertuzzi

A major black mark in hockey history was when Bertuzzi broke Steve Moore’s neck. When he broke his silence a few days later, he made this statement. I bought it. Unless you are a great actor, its tough to fake tears.

Another key to this one was when he was making the apology, he was looking straight ahead. Not locked to a piece of paper that his lawyer typed up.

Gary Bettman

Losing an entire year to a lockout seems like a good reason to apologize to your fans. Bettman did it many times throughout the lockout. For some reason, I just find everything Bettman says to be “lawyer-ry” (yes I just made up a word) . His smugness just makes every apology he has ever done seem fake.

Aaron Asham

I bring this one up because it’s fresh on everyone’s minds. Asham got caught up in the moment when he taunted Jay Beagle after knocking him out. He realized his mistake and apologized for it right after the game. Timing was big on this one. He didn’t wait to see the reaction from fans and media. He knew he was wrong and admitted it.

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