"Did you read this morning's Post-Weekend WTF? OMG!"

Welcome to your second edition of the Post-Weekend WTF, where we take a look back at the week that was, and highlight a few of the less-than-awesome plays.

As usual, we hope today’s clips make you feel better about your own decision-making and abilities.


Last week Dany Heatley made his return to Ottawa as a member of the Minnesota Wild. Like all players, he came out of the gate for warmups hard, got in a few good strides, and tried to turn. I think about 60% of us have done this at some point, but for some reason it’s always fun take a poke at Heatley.

Right to the equipment guy, awesome.


Speaking of things a lot of us have done….

This is from awhile ago, but has to go in here. Who has this happen to them during the play?

Kim Karlsson, Swedish League.

Fun story: I once went to tryouts (at like, 14) with a new pair of skates and didn’t know they didn’t come sharpened. What the hell was wrong with me? (Just as important, who sells a new pair of skates and doesn’t immediately sharpen them for the customer?) It felt like skating on marbles in rollerblades. Zero edges.


Okay, this one isn’t all that funny because the guy pretty obviously concussed himself, but defending your own teammate is pretty WTF-ish.

How in god’s name does the ref NOT blow the whistle there? McQuaid might want to start exercising a little more caution around that area of the ice. Remember last year? This was horrifying.


And lastly, I present to you the fantastic defense of Victor Hedman. Thanks for helpin’ out, buds.

Ahhh, good stuff.

If anyone happens to see anything else WTF-y, be sure to send it to backhandshelf@thescore.com so we can run it here and all have a nice laugh and be glad nobody films us while we work.