If Kesler lost the muscle, shrunk two inches and gained 10 lbs, pretty sure we'd look a lot alike.

It looks like the Vancouver Canucks will once again have their ultra-lurky, Selke-trophy winning leader back.

For all the talk about the Stanley Cup hangover the Canucks have apparently been dealing with, it’s worth remembering that they’ve been ailing partly due to being without one of the best players in the league to start the year.

From ESPN:

Vancouver Canucks forward Ryan Kesler told reporters he will make his season debut Tuesday against the visiting New York Rangers.

Kesler, who was cleared for contact Oct. 6, missed the team’s first five games as part of his recovery from offseason hip surgery.

He had surgery in early August to repair a torn hip labrum. Kesler had a similar surgery in January 2007.

Oh yeah, that guy. Other teams can’t be happy to read those sentences.

The Canucks have played their last four games on the road, and finally head back to Vancouver for tomorrow night’s contest. With three home games coming up against the New York Rangers, Nashville Predators and the Minnesota Wild, and having Ryan Kesler return, methinks they may have just found their Pepto Bismal, Advil and Gatorade.

Anyone think they won’t take at least five points over the next week?

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  1. I think part of the reason the Canucks are starting slow is also that they didn’t really play any preseason games as a team, they purposely kept the majority of their roster players and all of their stars on the bench. I’m assuming they did that to allow the guys to get more rest after a long cup run. Offensively they have looked ok, defensively they’ve been a disaster and Luongo has looked very mediocre at best. I don’t know if I’d be comfortable predicting 5 points to be honest, they tend to start slow and Luongo is often pretty average until mid-November.

  2. Yeah… they did the right thing by not putting the team out there in pre-season. The season is long and the team knows each other pretty well by now. No point in making them put their bodies on the line more than necessary.

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