This is officially happening. Minus the nice shiny mic.

Good news everyone!

Wow, that was more annoying than I anticipated, sorry.

Anyway, good news!

This upcoming Thursday will be the inaugural Backhand Shelf Podcast, in which I desperately attempt to minimize foul language and occasionally fail while talking hockey. Here are the main details you need to know:

Mr. Pizzo

Who: my partner in crime for the show will be the always interesting and charismatic Rob Pizzo, who I’m sure many of you have listened to in the past (last year he was the co-host of Puck Daddy Radio). He’s the pro who’s going to prop me up along the way.

What: a 30-45 minute hockey show that debates the hot-button issues of the day, answers reader emails, and plays a number of PTI-esque games such as “Overrated/Underrated,” “Who Ya Got?”, and “Having It Or Not Having It?” (for example, forwards with low jersey numbers? Not having it.), and engages in some power rankings talk.

When: every Monday and Thursday. That gives you something fun on the least fun day of the week, and helps us never go more than a few days without hitting the studio (or in my case, plugging in the mic).

Why: Because our genius hockey minds demand to be heard.

How: Technology!

Where: Seriously? The internet. On this site. Come on now.


We’ll need as many of your thoughts and comments as possible, whether you send them via email (, twitter (Bourne: @jtbourne — Pizzo @RobPizzo) or carrier pigeon (@cpigeon41). Anything you’d like to know more about, hear more about, or just generally want to share with us, we really want you to get involved.

And, of course, there’ll probably be a few contests along the way, so stay tuned.

We’re looking forward to it, and hope you are too. Oh, and if you haven’t met me, I’m the smiling dude with Mr. Gillies below.

Hanging out with the recently-aquired father-in-law.