There are certain goals that are so good, they make your body do things that that it doesn’t ordinarily do. We have all been there; a player grabs the puck and slowly makes most of his opponents look so bad they instantly consider retirement. In the process, at least one of the following happens…

a) You make a sound that resembles something you heard on the nature channel

b) Your body convulses in a way that looks like you are in mid-sneeze for about 5 seconds

c) You blow a snot bubble (Doesn’t happen often, but there have been documented reports that this has actually occurred as a result of a goal) .

The ones that sometimes force me to do all three simultaneously are when a player “goes through the whole team”. Two things I want to get straight:

1) The term “whole team” is usually an exaggeration. The scorer must embarrass a minimum of three opponents on the play

2) Don’t confuse this type of goal with an “end-to-end rush”. They can sometimes occur at the same time, but not always. An end-to-end rush doesn’t usually involve going “through” multiple players.

Why am I defining all of this? We saw a beauty example last night thanks to Jaime Benn:

WOW. You also heard the most common cliche after this type of goal : “great individual effort”. I counted 4 different Blue Jackets who probably felt they were in the middle of a Three Stooges act.

Definitely a goal of the year candidate. Let’s go through a few more of all my all time favourites

This one is a classic from Denis Savard (as narrated by JR)

Jaromir Jagr gets bonus points for doing this in the Stanley Cup Finals

As a lifelong Red Wings fan, this is like porn to me


Those are a few of my favourites, if you have more, comment or tweet @robpizzo


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