Weekends can get busy.

They are not like weeknights, where after a long day at work you are not expected to do much. Weekends are meant to get things accomplished (at least that’s what my wife keeps telling me).

Perhaps this weekend you have a nice little Saturday planned. You know, Home Depot to buy some wall paper, some flooring, maybe Bed Bath and Beyond if you have time. If this looks like your upcoming weekend, then you have to plan accordingly and PVR the following 3 games, they can’t be missed because some milestones will be hit. Here they are in chronological order

San Jose vs New Jersey (Friday*)

Yes the Sharks are struggling and the Devils are off to a pretty good start, but this game is about one man, Joe Thornton.  One of the most scrutinized players in the league will play career game #1000. Every year around the playoffs we hear the same song and dance about how Jumbo Joe vanishes (last year, despite not winning the Cup, he did silence some of those critics with 17 points in 18 games) . You can’t argue with his accomplishments:

- 1002 points in 999 games

-A Hart and Art Ross Trophy

-Olympic Gold for Canada in 2010 in Vancouver

-One of the best playmakers in the game leading the league in assists in three different seasons

But part of me wishes Jumbo Joe gets the sniffles tonight and can’t play because….

San Jose @ Boston (Saturday)

Wouldn’t it be so much better to see Thornton play his milestone game in Bean town? He did after all play the first 532 games of his career there. Just typing this sends me back to November 30th 2005 when I first heard the reported trade, and for at least a couple hours thought it HAD to be incorrect:

“The Boston Bruins have traded Joe Thornton to the San Jose Sharks for Marco Sturm, Brad Stuart and Wayne Primeau”

I remember saying…”and what else???”

Detroit @ Washington (Saturday)

Unless the Red Wings fall flat on their faces and lose at home tonight to a winless Blue Jackets team, this will be a battle of undefeated teams. But there is more to this game than just the teams. If Joe Thornton is one of the most scrutinized players in the league, then Nicklas Lidstrom is the complete opposite. He will play his 1500th career game in what will probably be his last season. The man has won pretty much everything there is to win: 4 Stanley Cups, 7 Norris Trophies, Olympic Gold. In other words, the 2nd best defenceman of all time behind Bobby Orr

So if you have a long list of things to do this weekend, make sure these three games are on your ‘scheduled recordings’ list. When you do have time, sit down, grab a beverage and enjoy because “once it hits your lips, it’s SOOO good”

*I know Friday is not “technically” the weekend. But my rules stipulate once you leave work on Friday, the weekend has begun


Speaking of milestones, Jonathan Quick picked on up last night (oh yeah, he got his second straight shutout too). The Royal Half

So how many members of the Anaheim Ducks can speak Finnish? Not many, but its funny watching them try (Anaheim Calling)

Barry Trotz had some interesting things to say about his team after getting pumped by Vancouver last night. Then he told everyone to try the veal and remember to tip their waitress (Pro Hockey Talk) .

David Perron is a step (albeit a very SMALL step) closer to returning to action (STL Today)

In case you missed it last night, Bruins fans had themselves a pretty funny chant going after Tyler Seguin’s goal. Not the first time they did it, but still funny (Toronto Sun)

Stiffler as a hockey goon? (Dirty Dangle)

Will heads be rolling in Columbus? Not according to team President Mike Priest (The Fourth Period)

I’ve heard of the sophomore jinx, but the third year jinx?? (The Good Point)

uhhhm…this IS a joke right? (The Province)

have a great weekend