We’re back for epidode two.

Just a quick reminder that the podcast is available every Monday and Thursday. You’ll be able to play it from this site, download it, or grab it from iTunes (takes an hour or so to post there after it posts here).

Thanks for tuning in! Today Pizzo and I discuss:

*Our thoughts on the Vancouver – Florida trade, including some “behind the scenes-ish” audio from when David Booth heard the trade news.

*Joe Thornton, Hal Gill and Nicklas Lidstrom hit milestones. Why didn’t I hear more Lidstrom and less Thornton talk (as Jesse Spector of Sporting News asked earlier today)?

*Ryan Nugent-Hopkins – they aren’t gonna send him down are they? No? Okay phew, good call.

*Jonathan Quick is playing um sort of okay.

*The Columbus Booooo Jackets (sorry, weak).

And a bunch of other stuff. Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. 1000 points is a huge milestone, but it still amazes me that Adam Oates has 1420 points, and hasn’t been inducted into the hall of fame. Five time all-star, but was only a 2nd team all-star once. His lack of accolades is probably due the fact that he played centre at the same time as Gretzky, Lemieux, Yzerman, etc. But I don’t think 1420 points can be overlooked.

  2. I miss Puck Daddy Radio. :(

  3. Justin you need to get a better headset or microphone. It sounds too much like you’re on the speaker phone (which is probably what is happening)

  4. Chris, I will have a portable studio in a couple weeks. We use Skype for now, looking forward to getting better equipment myself!

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