Non-eligible for being non-NHL, but MAN is that Don Cherry uni unsightly.

It’s a hotly-contested subject that hockey fans like to kick around every so often: in the history of the NHL, which jerseys stand out for achieving the highest level of awful, and where on the awful-list do they rank?

But there’s something else we at theScore were wondering: what did the players who actually had to wear those ridiculous things think?

We’ll be bringing you our take on the the Top-10 All Ugly Jerseys, complete with the thoughts of some current and former players throughout the next couple weeks, two at a time.

So, here you have it: 10th and 9th place finishers, are….

Good call. That was a low moment as an Islanders fan. And we should know – we’ve had some tough years.

Another fan base that had some tough years (though they’ve been better in recent history)….

Y’know, I’m not sure this one is worse than the fishsticks, but it’s still pretty bad. Tie for ninth maybe. Stayed tuned for the rest of our list, coming soon!