Last night I was feeling nostalgic. I was watching the Leafs-Flyers game when Jaromir Jagr came flying through the neutral zone, took a streaking pass, split through two Leafs and snapped it home. He then took off his glove and pulled the old Jagr salute every hockey fan has seen too many times to count.

Suddenly, I wasn’t on my couch anymore. I was back in my hometown of Guelph Ontario watching the game while packing beers into a bag for a party (the trick was to wrap them in a towel so your parents didn’t hear them clinging as you ran out of the house). It was like the Jagr salute was my own personal Hot Tub Time Machine. With one flick of the wrist, I was suddenly back in 1996.

It was the 1996 Jagr dressed in 2011 Jagr’s body.

The hair is a lot shorter, there is some grey in his beard, and what the hell is he doing in a Philly uniform, but yup…its Jaromir alright.

He finished the game with 3 breakways (converting on two), and an assist that was also vintage Jagr. No other “old” player does this to me.

When Nicklas Lidstrom angles a forward into the corner,  I don’t want to listen to Nirvana.

When Teemu Selanne scores two goals, I don’t throw in my Die Hard VHS tape.

And when Martin Brodeur makes a save, I’m not running to watch a Beverly Hills 90210 re-run (shut up)

Jagr’s salute has magic powers, and even though something that used to be routine for us to see now becomes the subject of a blog (wait a minute, blogs didn’t exist in 1996), I’m thankful we got to see it.

Will he win the Art Ross…nope.

Will he dangle through a whole team for fun…probably not.

But he will make us remember high school, just by giving us a simple salute.

Thank you Jaromir.

By the way, when I had my momentary travel though time, the follwoing images also ran through my mind


Lets see what else is going on

As Jerry Seinfeld once said “I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a hankering for some Doublemint gum” (Washington Post)

“At centre, #9 for your New Jersey Devils, ZACH PARISE….wait what?” (Fire and Ice)

With Kessel and Seguin off to pretty good starts, its tough to forget the OTHER pieces of that trade (Dirty Dangle)

Drew Doughty took part in one of those “don’t you dare go within 15 feet of him” type of practices (LA Times)

I never miss Elliotte Friedman ‘s 30 Thoughts (CBC)

Battle of the Blades….I know I know….but in case people start talking about it at cocktail parties (Puck Daddy)

I know a lot of people (myself included) don’t really like Chris Pronger, but hearing him scream last night was disturbing (

Martin Brodeur is not ready yet, but is traveling with the team (

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