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I’m a very lucky blogger.

theScore has a video team that can do some fantastic work. If something weird, awesome or awful happens in a hockey game, they’re able to clip it for us (take Jason Blake playing with his jersey over his head, for example).

This Week the video department brings you three good ones: the Top 5 goals from the week that was, a new episode of Face Paint (with the Winnipeg Jets Chris Mason), and a compilation of the best fight, hit, and save from the past week as well.

Quibble with the order of #1 and #2 if you like, but keep in mind where theScore is based, friends.

Nice move by Grabovski, but man, that Neal goal….

Next up is Face Paint, and good news, Chris Mason’s mask is wicked. Check out this Jets/Iron Maiden mask. Very cool.

A guy with that badass mask wants….Bob Essensa’s? Well alright then. I guess it was pretty sharp for it’s day.

And last but the opposite of least, the best of the week that was – your top save, hit, fight and goal. Enjoy.

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  1. Good stuff all around. The only problem is Video #3 is a bit anti-climatic since we already saw the #1 Goal in the first video. Maybe you could do top SO goal, dirtiest dangle – something along those lines? That is of course if it’s a weekly feature…which I’d be a fan of.

  2. By Neal.. I guess you meant Benn

    On another note, will you try to do the Post Weekend WTF on a weekly basis or only when you have enough material? I liked the two first ones and was waiting for it this Monday.

    Thanks! Keep up the good job!

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