Welcome back to the countdown!

Today we’re showcasing our votes for #8 and #7  on the NHL’s All-Ugly Jersey List, complete with commentary from current and former NHLers.

And good news! These jerseys are really, really ugly. Nothing like instilling a little team pride in guys when they walk into the dressing room and see….that…hanging in their stall.

#8 – The Canadiens…rocking a Maple Leaf? Seems like sacrilege. And let’s be honest – history ain’t worth dressing like this.

I quite enjoy the emphasis our host puts on the word “CAC.”

Next up….

#7 – The Dallas Bulls. Er, Tauruses. Uh….wait, what?

I’m really into astronomy, so I kind of like the concept they were going for here. I can just see the guy daydreaming it up “Stars….astronomy….constellations….Taurus…. Taurus. Taurus the Bull. Texas. Dallas. Stars, bulls, Texas, OMG I’VE CREATED THE MOST GENIUS JERSEY EVER!”

/immediately lands on all-time worst list