Welcome back to the countdown!

Today we’re showcasing our votes for #8 and #7  on the NHL’s All-Ugly Jersey List, complete with commentary from current and former NHLers.

And good news! These jerseys are really, really ugly. Nothing like instilling a little team pride in guys when they walk into the dressing room and see….that…hanging in their stall.

#8 – The Canadiens…rocking a Maple Leaf? Seems like sacrilege. And let’s be honest – history ain’t worth dressing like this.

I quite enjoy the emphasis our host puts on the word “CAC.”

Next up….

#7 – The Dallas Bulls. Er, Tauruses. Uh….wait, what?

I’m really into astronomy, so I kind of like the concept they were going for here. I can just see the guy daydreaming it up “Stars….astronomy….constellations….Taurus…. Taurus. Taurus the Bull. Texas. Dallas. Stars, bulls, Texas, OMG I’VE CREATED THE MOST GENIUS JERSEY EVER!”

/immediately lands on all-time worst list

Comments (6)

  1. How were you able to describe that Stars jersey without calling it a Moooterus?

  2. That Stars jersey is absolutely epic. I always laugh out loud every time I see it. It’s like a bunch of designers were having a (drunk) contest on how to create the most inappropriate hockey jersey while maintaining a semblance of seriousness. I love it.

  3. NikolaiNYR – restraint. Tons and tons of restraint. Hah.

  4. Bourno! Couldn’t find a way to mention your hockey career in this post? Or you Dad’s? Or even the father-in-law’s?

    The streak is over. I can now wear a new pair of undies. My co-workers will thank you.

  5. I love the endless discussion over worst jerseys! I could be wrong, but I think the Habs’ one here would be less atrocious if the socks weren’t striped too. It’s so blazingly garish that they look like old prospectors parading around in their long johns. I kinda get the maple leaf just for its historic place on the sweater, but overall I have to agree: CAC.

  6. Whenever I see those Habs jerseys I’m instantly reminded of that knob Jack Edwards of NESN. His description of the Scott Walker – Alex Henry scrap was totally rediculous, even by his embarrassing standards. I am amazed that both the Bruins and NESN put up with him. Poor Andy Brickley.

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