On Monday, the website Joe Sports Fan ran a picture of a man at Game 3 of the World Series between the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals. As you can see from the picture below, he was rooting for the Rangers. ….of New York, for some reason.

"Jeez, Gaborik has been invisible tonight."

Well, that same site managed to track the gent down – Doug Hackey (yes, his last name is actually Hackey) – and they had a little interview.

This guy is one interesting, possibly confused cat. Trying to follow his allegiances and rationale is a near impossible mission.

You can read the whole interview here, but below are my favourite parts:

JSF:  Now, back up a second.  Tell me about the attire choice.  You’re  heading out to a baseball game.  You reach into the closet and pull out a  hockey sweater?  Why?

DOUG: My aforementioned  pal asked if I had a Rangers jersey.  I keyed a little too hard on the  individuals words “Rangers” and “jersey” and just said “yep”.  We are both big hockey fans and I returned with the Rangers hockey jersey.  He said, “Are you really going to wear that?” and I said, “Why not?  I’ll  just tell everyone I thought you meant you scored tickets to a hockey  game and I got confused.”

That statement ended up having a prophetic glimmer.  Did I mention we had a few drinks too?

So to clarify, this guys actually just made a legitimate, partially drunken mistake. This wasn’t a joke, or something with a deeper meaning. Just, “Oops, hockey jersey, ah well.” /cracks eleventieth beer

And I should ask: why a prophetic glimmer? Did they eventually score hockey tickets? I need more answers.

JSF:   [....] Let’s move onto some complex inquiries.  I noticed a  captain badge on that hockey sweater.  What’s the name on the back of that puppy?   Gotta be Messier, right?

DOUG:  Not Messier.  I play beer league hockey and my own nickname and number are on the back (HACKEY 37).

Hmm, he does sort of seem like a hockey dude in that he considers his actual last name to be a nickname. Guys called me Bourno, because my Dad was always Bourny. Hockey nicknames, everyone!

And now, for the curveball.

JSF: Okay, so you’re a native Texan and obviously a hockey fan.  Any reason you’re not a fan of the Dallas Stars?

DOUG:  I love the Dallas Stars, are you kidding me?  I am passionate about  hockey and its history.  Your readers will appreciate that I once took a  road trip to see the Blues and the Oilers at the Kiel Center (when it  was still the Kiel Center).  My primary hockey loyalty is with the  Stars!  I also have a Dallas and a Minnesota Stars jersey, but the  Rangers jersey made the most sense.

JSF: Yeah,  because a Dallas Stars jersey at a baseball game would have just been ridiculous, right?

I can’t help but like this guy. A Texan that’s passionate about hockey and its history, and has a North Stars jersey. Very cool. But having two favourite teams? Not as cool. (Also, I can’t imagine many Texas folk choose favourite teams from the state of New York. That assumption comes entirely from watching this “New York City! “Pace” salsa commercial too many times as a kid.)

And last, I leave you with a glowing quote. This post really wasn’t mean to mock the guy, who clearly doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks, but this one really sums up his self-awareness of the situation:

DOUG:  Ha, not so much. They probably actually thought I was dumb as hell.  Well, I am, but that’s not really the point.


(h/t to Puck Daddy for the link)

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  1. Wow. Slow news day. Oh. Right. This is a blog.

  2. Eh, I dunno if that’s so much “having two favourite teams.” I have 27 jerseys, only three of which are Oilers-related.

  3. listen I might be crazy but if I’m understanding the guy, he PLAYS beer league hockey and he wears a rangers jersey when he does, with his name and his number on the back like every other guy on the team does….he never says that the NY Rangers are one of the team he roots for-he says he’s a Stars fan, cuz he’s from Texas, but THAT jersey wouldn’t make much sense because he wasn’t going to a game (of any sport) with a team named the Stars. That all makes perfect sense to me lol
    However, I still have no idea about the prophetic glimmer

    • The “prophetic glimmer” was that people would think I was confused and I would tell them that (which happened as I was walking into the ballpark many time). Then this stuff gets on TV and that’s exactly how everyone characterized me – confused. I am getting a huge laugh out of all of this. BTW, cammie, out of all the posts I have seen… you have nailed this most perfectly. Cheers!

      • haha thanks DOUG! I knew I was right…cuz it made absolutely no sense otherwise. But still, it was funny as hell to read-both your interview and the blog about the interview. It’s so interesting how differently people interpret the things we say. Fascinating. So glad you have a sense of humor about it. :)

      • oh! And I forgot to say, thanks for explanation of the ‘glimmer’! I get it! haha

  4. I like it Doug. Good Job!

  5. I LOVE this guy!

    Tell me you wouldn’t have fun going to a game with him (any game).

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