There’s a lot going on in the NHL right now, so it’s time to take a little look around the league.


The picture at the top of this blog is from WEEI’s “Big Bad Blog.”

It clearly depicts Zdeno Chara dressed in the pink bunny pajamas that Ralphie got from his Aunt Clara in ”The Christmas story.” This picture is everywhere today for one reason: it’s freaking awesome. Obviously they’re doing a Children’s Hospital visit, which makes it even cooler.

They ask the most important question too: where in God’s name did he get a pink bunny costume that big? It fits him flawlessly. Did he have one custom made. WTF, man?


Kyle Turris still hasn’t signed a damn contract.

Pro Hockey Talk wrote about this earlier today – GM Don Maloney is saying quite unequivocally that they will not be trading their potentially valuable asset just because he’s spoiled and wants either more money, or to be sent away.

I’d say Draper has pretty solid body position here.

From a former hockey player’s standpoint (who made minor league money), I feel like this is a good time to call Turris an asshole.

You’re 22 years old with a million dollars in the bank by now. If you’re worth whatever it is you’re asking for, you have another 15 years in the league to earn it, and you could be doing it without the reputation of the pouty kid who wants better. Sorry about your tough life in Phoenix. I live here too man. It’s 80 degrees today. What more do you need?

Afraid you won’t play well enough that you won’t be worth a big contract? ….Yeah, the team is too.


Tim Connolly has been cleared to play in his first game for the Toronto Maple Leafs, and some of the folks in Ontario are debating: do we want him back?

I agree with their conclusion – yes, you absolutely do want him back.

Even if you don’t think he’s worth the contract, you just can’t win in the NHL without talent in the lineup, and he adds some.


It’s not often you see a big, strong guy like Vincent Lecavalier get smoked. He’s not afraid to drop the mitts, not afraid to play the body, and in general, is just a sturdy, physical player.

Well, last night Robyn Regehr got the better of him and delivered this hammering blow:


Also on the got rocked front: Taylor Hall (courtesy Alexander Edler). Could do with out the temper tantrum at the end, Tay-Tay.


Patrick Kane is a good hockey player. That much we know.

But last night’s spin-o-rama pass to Marian Hossa was just, so, so dirty. There was some luck in there – before he spins, he can see he has two players going to the net, but there’s also a couple defenders.

I think the pass was in the “get the puck to the dangerous area and hopefully one of my guys gets a stick on it first” category and not the “hey I’m gonna dish this back-deezy to Hossa” one (Kane’s words not mine).

What’s crazy is, the d-man Toni Lydman didn’t even get burned there – he played solid defense. The poor backcheck on Hossa was really the only defensive gaffe.


On the poorly kept secret front, the 2012 NHL Entry Draft will be held in Pittsburgh at the CONSOL Energy Center. Don’t worry, your faithful BS blogger will be there to cover it for you. (The draft, not the announcement of the draft location.)


The Columbus Blue Jackets knocked off the lowly….wait, they beat the Red Wings? Wow.

The Columbus Blue Jackets got their first win of the year last night against Detroit, just one game after blowing a lead and losing in the final 35 seconds to the Ottawa Senators.

It also marked the first game back for one of their big free agent summer signings, James Wisniewski.

The Wiz was fresh off the eight-game suspension he earned in pre-season for his hit on agitator Cal Clutterbuck. (Bad timing – he delivered the blow right in the middle of Shanna-bans “set the tone, make an example” phase.)

They need every puzzle piece they can get in Columbus right now, so I’m sure they’re happy to see him return. When Carter comes back, I could see them start to win some games consistently.


Dion Phaneuf is having a good season, Evgeni Malkin is coming back, and Scott Niedermeyer wants to go into the Hall of Fame as a memeber of the New Jersey Devils. You can read about all three of those things over at Pro Hockey Talk.


Busy day in the NHL! Hopefully that gets you up to date on the news of the day.


UPDATE: From The Goalie Guild….check out Jonas Hiller’s new mask for Movember. So awesome.