Yesterday, the folks at Bodog released some interesting lines in the NHL. No, not game lines but futures. Trades and GM moves were in there, but the one that caught my eye was …

Will the Montreal Canadiens fire Jacques Martin before November 30, 2011?

Yes                  +145
No                     -190

Our very own Justin Bourne broke down his picks yesterday in a piece you can read here. He gave his opinions on each bet, but I wanted to look at some history, specifically when it came to the Martin line.

I wanted to see if there was information from the past that would help us win this wager; what can I say, I’m a numbers man.

Let’s start with Martin himself. He has been behind the bench for three different teams: St Louis (I know right, I completely forgot about that too) , Ottawa and Florida. Even though he was fired from all three, he was never fired mid-season.

But some interesting info popped up when looking at the final seasons with those teams

St Louis (87-88)- The team opened the season by losing 8 of their first 12

Ottawa (03-04)- Team started off well, but there was a period in late October/early November when they had 4 wins in 13 games

Florida (07-08)- Another slow start for a Martin team losing 7 of 11

Both the Blues and the Sens teams still made the playoffs.

Ok, how about the Habs franchise itself.

Last 4 fired Hab coaches…

Guy Carbonneau- Fired in March with 16 games left in the 08-09 season. However the Habs kept him around in late January early February when the team lost 12 of 15

Claude Julien- They pulled the trigger a little quicker in this one axing him in January after the team  lost 6 of 8

Michel Therrien- Started 02-03 season slowly with just 3 wins in 10 games, but still lasted 46 games in that season.

Alain Vigneault- The last Habs coach to be axed before the new year. 20 games into the 00-01 season Montreal were 5-13-2 and he got the boot.

So what have we learned?

1) For whatever reason, teams think Jacques Martin can turn around bad starts or early season slumps.

2) The last time the Habs fired a coach early in a season, we were still laughing at Y2K.

I’m going with Bourne on this one and betting the “no”


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