Happy podcast Thursday, we’re back.

Pizzo and I had 40 minutes of fun today, as we batted around….

*Seriously, you fired Perry Pearn 90 minutes before a home game?

*Which old guy would you rather have on your team? Jagr, Lidstrom or Selanne?

*Our take on the visor debate

*Taylor Hall and social media

*Lindros and the Winter Classic,

and best of all….

*A new game called “kiss it goodbye” “Luongo can kiss his Vezina hopes goodbye,” for example. No, that was not a real one we used.


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  1. I’m going to set an “I’m with you” quota next Monday of 5.

    Lets get some disagreement going, I’d like to point out that Bournier got a total of 0 goals in support against NJ. How’re you going to throw him under the bus on that one? LA fans knock on wood, but what happens when they trade Bournier and Quick goes down? Asking for trouble if you trade him, in my opinion.

  2. great stuff guys, keep’em coming.

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