Remember the scene in that movie where the computer expert is asked to hack into some totally encrypted, ultra secure, massive firewall, can’t be touched government files. He says “no problem”, pulls out his laptop and in a few key strokes has all the information that is needed. I think the movie was called Die Hard, Hackers, Ocean’s Eleven, Swordfish, The Italian Job, The Net, The Matrix or The Score.

If hacking was only that easy.  Ok, we may not be able to access the tough files, but something like say….twitter could happen. Yesterday another athlete had their twitter account hacked.  This time is was Taylor Hall of the Edmonton Oilers. Before you ask, this wasn’t one of those “oops, probably shouldn’t have tweeted that so lets just say I was hacked” incidences. These tweets (which were quickly erased) ripped into Oiler fans, the organization and had Hall claiming he was heading to the Flames. All mixed in with a few F Bombs. Nice job hackers, you get in and tweet absolute garbage.

For the record, it wasn’t me. I forget my own email password at least three times a week. Let’s say I did have the skills to hack into someones account. Or lets just say the following guys had REALLY easy passwords (which I believe Hall did). For the record, I’m not condoning hacking, but lets have some fun and say I did.

Person: Sidney Crosby

What I would tweet: Was close to coming back, but Cookey trucked me at practice. Headaches are back #ThanksMatt

Level of believability: 7 out of 10

Why I would tweet it: Because if ONE guy would hit Sid, it has to be Cooke. This would cause the 30 percent of intelligent people to say, “this has to be fake”, while the other 70 percent would be losing their minds.

Person: Colin Campbell

What I would tweet: Marc Savard is a little fake artist. Why are refs not calling more penalties in favour of my son?

Level of believability: 5 out of 10

Why I would tweet it: Because it already happened! Just wanted to confirm it.

Person: Paul Bissonnette

What I would tweet: I’m done pretending. I’m actually gay. Not that there’s anything wring with that. #BoxerBriefSoup

Level of believability: 0 out of 10

Why I would tweet it:  He has a great sense of humour and I think even after discovering the hack, would have fun with this one.

Person: Don Cherry

What I would tweet: The folks at CBC are a bunch of pukes. See how well the do without me and Ron

Level of believability: 7 out of 10

Why I would tweet it: Imagine Canada. Now imagine Canada if they thought CBC fired Grapes.

Person: Ryan Lambert from Backhand Shelf

What I would tweet: Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. There are a few of my favourite things.

Level of believability: -10 out of 10

Why I would tweet it: Do you follow @twolinepass? He doesn’t like ANYTHING! (Just having fun with you Ryan)

Person: Phil Kessel

What I would tweet: Loved my time in Toronto, but looking forward to playing with Spezza and the Sens

Level of believability: In Toronto: 12 out of 10. Rest of the Hockey world: 6 out of 10

Why I would tweet it: I just REALLY love getting to Leaf Fans

Who would you hack and what would you tweet? Comment or tweet me @robpizzo


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