I understand why “energy” guys become fan favourites.

Those pests bomb around, throw big checks, scrap when necessary and just generally put a burr up the backside of a hockey game that needs a little more pace.

But loving the on-ice antics of Sean Avery? That’s just unforgiveable. (At the very least, we need some of his fans to explain the love they have for the guy.)

At last night’s home opener for the Rangers at the newly renovated Madison Square Garden, a pro-Sean Avery banner was unfurled, and a very large one at that.

Photo pilfered from @DaveLozo's twitter feed. Follow him, he's good people.

The sign read “16 Avery – send Torts to the Whale” - a protest to the demotion of the wildly interesting but not-really-that-awesome player.

Worse, was the crowd actually chanting his name when they found themselves losing in the third period. Did they ever chant his name when he played there?

Here’s the video:

It’s a shame Sean Avery isn’t in the NHL anymore, if only because he was usually up to something interesting, and he’s taken up some good causes outside the game, so you’d like to see him have as big a platform as possible.

But this is still the Sean Avery that made fans at home want to jump through their TV and deck him a few nights a week with his pest routine. Surely “up to something interesting” isn’t the standard for deciding who to make signs and chant for these days.

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  1. When he was at his best, he created offense, pissed off the opponents and was quite insane, he’s simply unique in a great way. I totally miss him as a fan, and I even liked him while he was playing in LA.

    And some of us simply likes jerks more than people who try to be perfect. (Same reason I love Carcillo, even when he were in Philly) I will always be a Avery fan so I totally support that first part of the banner. Just keep Torts a while longer.

    Why do you hate Avery then?

  2. That’s a fair defense of him, understood. As for me not liking him, is this the first you’ve heard of him being nearly-universally disliked? His love of attention is enough alone to to get me to not be a fan of his style. (I don’t hate him, I just didn’t wish him success on the ice)

  3. “But loving the on-ice antics of Sean Avery? That’s just unforgiveable.” (At the very least, we need some of his fans to explain the love they have for the guy.)

    Unforgivable is a little dramatic. When is the last time he even did anything really that “dickish”? …The “antics” (depending on which antics someone is referring to when talking about Avery) is what we loved… (At least the on-ice ones.) Aside from a couple of things that were in the past, what’s to bitch about recently? (Aside from him not scoring more goals) I mean, I get it… he’s a guy that you either love or hate… But since he was back with the Rangers, I think he was on great behavior and not living up to his unsportsmanlike stereotype.

    “Worse, was the crowd actually chanting his name when they found themselves losing in the third period. Did they ever chant his name when he played there?”
    - I didn’t hear anybody chanting Anisimov, Stepan or Cally’s name, either… Low blow?

  4. His name was chanted plenty of times when he was playing in NY

  5. Too lazy to google, but didn’t the Rangers have a better record with Avery in the lineup than without?

  6. I’d consider shoving your stick in Marty’s face is quite dickish. Turtling whenever someone over 150 lbs wants to fight is dickish. Hell, running your mouth and not backing it up is dickish. But that’s what the Rangers were paying him for. ( I should note, Rangers and Stars are technically paying him, but that’s another story.) It’s natural that Rangers fans will love him because he goes around chirping Marty and Parise and getting Clarkson wound up. But, at the end of the day in the salary cap era, is it wise to pay him however much he makes to be a pest? He had to contribute in other areas and be a pest to be on the team, and he didn’t contribute much else, so torts bounced him.

    No tears about that from this Devils fan.

    • Well that’s a typical thing for a Devil’s fan to say… Quit living in the past, if you could please point out the last time he’s even bothered with Marty, that’d be great.

      • You really don’t think Avery chirps at Marty every time they’re on the ice together? The guy doesn’t shut his mouth.

  7. Actually

    It’s not okay

    YOU bend over

  8. Avery got under the other team’s skin. He put in a few goals to help out also. His career +- is above 0. He may take some penalties, but how many does he draw to negate those?

    Yeah, his antics can get annoying (“screening” Brodeur”, not fighting, etc), but I think they’re good for the game. He doesn’t take a run at anyone and hurt people like other pests (I’m looking at you Cooke). He does his job as a pest well.

    Do you really think Kris Newbury is going to put more goals in the net and make more plays than Avery? I don’t think so. The salary difference isn’t much between them either ($750k if I can remember correctly).

  9. For the last two years the thing that has endeared Avery to Ranger fans has been his attention to the flow of the game. He’s not been able to do his pre-2008 pest routine to any sort of magnitude since the ‘sloppy seconds’ incident, and definitely not since Tortorella has been coach. I actually don’t think most Ranger fans cared about his ‘antics’ and if they resulted in a bad penalty we were as vocal as anyone in saying how stupid he was acting. He is most effective as a player when the Rangers are playing uninspired hockey. He is the one that starts to win battles along the boards, create offense(granted, always on low percentage shots) and forecheck hard when the other players on his team are not. He has a keen sense of how and when to do these things.

    What happened last night was this: A bunch of us saw an uninspired second period against a team that should not have been beating our team. Our energy guys were not responding, and most of the time we would be able to count on Avery’s line to pick up the slack. He was not there, and the team did not play with urgency again until 6 minutes left in the third, way too late. That’s where we missed Sean Avery.

  10. What a surprise! He’s a PUKE there too! Rot in the minors you LOSER! Has Elisha contacted you there yet? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha. I’ll bet you’re not even on the first line! Maybe you’re on the “sloppy seconds line?” Maggot.

  11. Looks like their efforts might have payed off http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=598208 Avery to hit re-entry wavers, could be eligible to play for the blueshirts on thursday if left unclaimed.

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