You could ask just about any hockey player on the planet (save for a few stay at home d-men) and get complete and total agreement on this: not getting a point when your team blows out an opponent is infuriating.

More accurately, it doesn’t matter if you won the game or not. If your team happens to be, say, the Philadelpha Flyers, and you score – oh I don’t know, let’s say eight goals in a loss, you’d still be pissed about not getting in on the action.

Bogosian: “Wait, why is my picture in this….oh man I got blanked didn’t I?”

It amazing when you head into the locker room after a game where your team put up a good number, looking around and seeing so many happy faces, guys smiling, laughing, high fiving….and then about three guys solemnly undressing. They can’t say they’re pissed about it – after all, their team likely won, but they’re definitely annoyed.

Before every game I’d check the media guide and see where I was at in team scoring, and you can damn well be sure I had a guy or two in mind that I wanted to get ahead of and stay ahead of.

A pointless night in a blowout drops you down that ladder like you’re Clark Griswold putting up the Christmas lights.

I know being bummed after a win is ridiculously selfish sounding, but by nature athletes are competitive people. We want the wins and the points – you have to think, your paychecks are affected by who you’re better than, including the guys on your own team, and it’s always nice to make more money. You can’t tell me that a coach isn’t influenced by the team scoring list either. The higher up you climb on it the more likely it is that you’ll get a more ice time.

“C’monnn, you’ve been so giving all night. Let me get one too.”

Knowing this, I couldn’t help but feel bad for a few players last night.

For the Winnipeg Jets, who scored nine times (speaking of sentences I won’t be writing again this season), only three players managed to avoid the scoresheet entirely, a feat that would’ve been almost impossible to do. Zach Bogosian, Kenndal Mcardle and Johnny Oduya were the lucky reverse lottery winners.

For the Flyers, Shelley, Rinaldo, Gustafsson, Courturier and….Wayne Simmonds(?) managed the feat.

Points aren’t easy to come by, and they mean a whole lot to players. Gotta cash in when you can. Missing out isn’t a fun feeling.