Last night I was watching the Chicago Blackhawks and Nashville Predators battle out a close game for big points, and something made my jaw drop.

It shouldn’t really do that anymore, but man – Patrick Kane is nasty.

Before I talk about his move, check it out below. Oh, and note the situation – it’s 3-3 with under 12 minutes to go in the third, and he’s got ZERO defense behind him if he turns this over.

The move he makes on the first forward is nice and all, but the play after that is the type of cocky shinny stuff that I just can’t believe he’s got the stones to try in the NHL. And, it’s awesome that he does. (He ended up with two goals and an assist, for what it’s worth.)

The basic idea of the chip move is that the defender is going to be approaching you, so instead of pulling the puck all the way over to your backhand (the puck can still get poked on the way over, and now it’s on your backhand if it doesn’t), you chip it back through his “triangle,” which is the area between his skates and stick.

If you pull it off, the puck is past the guy and back on your forehand, no big deal. And don’t worry, it works nearly 15% of the time!

Kane has to know two things before he attempts this: A) that he has a long-ass leash from coach, and B) that he’s very, very good.

So cocky, so talented, so….Kane.


I like a pissed-off Joe Thornton. Who doesn’t?

Remember when he tried to go Getzlaf off the draw in playoffs (and then actually got him to the next game)? That stuff is awesome.

Well, last night Joe was pissed that his team got beat fairly handily by the Rangers in MSG, so he drop this beauty quote on them:

How much do you love Tortorella’s response too? That was either a “wonderful, coming from him that doesn’t mean much,” or a “wonderful, Joe doesn’t say that stuff often, it must be true.” Or, possibly both.

Either way, it surprised me to hear it come from Thornton, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with answering questions like that. Joe’s been a target before, he knows how to play around being a marked man.

But let’s be honest – he knows they don’t see the Rangers in MSG again this year. So why not mix in an honest, slightly dickish quote about your opponent?


I missed writing about this yesterday, but please….can we let the refs (or at least A ref) have something in their ear to communicate with someone watching the game on TV? We get replays two seconds after a given play in slo-mo, and it’s not fair that we know the right call while the ref guesses.

Here’s how I see it working:

Guy watching the game off-ice: “Hey, Smitty, that chip definitely hit the glass, no penalty.”

Ref: “Sweet, problem solved, thanks.”

By the way, if that catches the glass solidly Tavares is in behind that defenseman and the puck would’ve landed near his feet (as my unsubtle Isles bias leaks in…).

The point is, refs want to get calls right too. They don’t want to have a negative impact on the game. I’m sure they’d welcome some quick fix like that.

It just doesn’t seem that hard – as I said to Pizzo in our podcast: I can watch games on my cell phone. With technolgy today, you telling me it would take a lot of time to get that information to the refs while they’re huddling up discussing “did it hit the glass or not?” Every hockey fan on Long Island knew it did.


Check back later in the day for some video compilations, and a new Systems Analyst post. We’ll see you then.