Our march toward the #1 all-time ugliest jersey continues here today. Though, seeing the ones that are coming in at 5th and 4th, I’m not sure what abomination managed to climb all the way to the top rung.

The one you knew had to fit in here somewhere….

#5 – The Flying V…neck

The concept is not, on it’s own, horrible: “hey, let’s work a V for Vancouver in there.” The execution, well….not so good.

Up next is a jersey I have no recollection of. I’m pretty sure someone just photoshopped a roller hockey jersey on Gretzky and called it a day. Buttt, it still earns a spot despite probably not being real. There’s just no way it can be.



Up next is theScore’s latest installment of Face Paint. In this episode we bring to you Brent Johnson, back-up goaltender for the Pittsburgh Penguins. When he’s not occupying his time with punching Rick DiPietro in the face, apparently he enjoys himself some Led Zepplin.

Not the most crisp look, but still, very cool. Plus it has to be hard to keep pace with Jonas Hiller and Ray Emery.