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So…how’s the Cup drought looking for your team?

While I knew the Sabres, Canucks and Kings fans have all had their hearts ripped out in dramatic fashion at one point or another, I didn’t know this. The St. Louis Blues made the Stanley Cup Final in each of their first three years in existence….and lost all three times.


UPDATE: You humble author was born in 1982. I had no idea the expansion in 1967 led to the birth of an expansion conference. That seems poorly thought out (“But the new teams will get killed in the Final!” …. “Yes, yes they will.” …. “Okay, carry on then.”)

Ah well. Still technically made the Stanley Cup Final three times. Even if they did get swept each time.

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  1. You forgot the Coyotes.

  2. using new Jets logo to represent old Jets/Coyotes.
    *eye twitch*

  3. So the Jets are the ‘Yotes and the Thrashers are the Jets?

    Got it.

  4. Point received, thanks Luke and Andrew.

  5. Winnipeg is milking a cup drought of a combined 44 years.

  6. The Jets issue is a little confusing, but what about the Ottawa Senators? I know it isn’t the same franchise but the Senators did win Stanley Cups in 1920, 1921, 1923, and 1927. Not looking to start a fight or nitpick at all, just wondering how those teams are discussed in NHL history. Same with the Montreal Maroons, Seattle Metropolitans, and Victoria Cougars. I always wonder if/how these defunct teams should be represented in history.

  7. Infographic? All points made on this infographic are moot if he can’t even do his homework, and know that Atlanta are the new jets, and Phoenix are the original Jets.

  8. What if there was a logo split between the old Jets and the Phoenix Coyotes, and the same between the Thrashers and new Jets to account for relocation?

  9. Well it made me feel better about my Sharks. I thought they were close to the oldest team who hadn’t won it yet. Now that I know there are six others older than they are I feel much better in a sad sad way.

    • No, the Sharks are merely the oldest team to have never played in the Finals.

      … which I suppose is worse if you think about it.

  10. Tweaked inforgraphic posted, that’s a little more accurate. PG Marsh, that’s just a bitttt much for our infographic, methinks.

  11. The idea behind the expansion conference was that it would create a lot of interest among the expansion cities if one of them would be going to the Finals. And even a monster underdog has a shot if they can just get there to play for The Cup…………..

  12. “I had no idea the expansion in 1967 led to the birth of an expansion conference. ”

    The idea at the time was to give the expansion teams the illusion of competitiveness, which wasn’t a bad idea, all things considered. Five of the six franchises from that expansion are still around in one form or another, which, when you consider how haphazard that era was in terms of NHL business practices, shows that they got it right.

  13. Re-think the Kings there bud

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