One of the main story lines this season has been the defending champion Bruins stumbling out of the gate. They picked up a big win last night over the Sens, but that was game 11 and it brought their grand total to 8 points. They are now in a tie for dead last in the East.

This has prompted many fans to bring up the term “Stanley Cup Hangover” . I discovered 2 things while doing some research…

1) The “Stanley Cup Hangover” really doesn’t exist

2) As bad as the Bruins have been this year, they don’t have anything on the 90-91 Oilers

Let’s start with #1. The term “Stanley Cup hangover” is used so often you start to believe it’s as consistent as gravity. However, when you look at the last 30 Cup Champs, only 5 of them hit the 10 game mark and didn’t have at least 10 points. The last ten defending champs have averaged just under 6 wins in the first 10 games. They are not flying out of the gate, but they are also not begging for coffee, advil and some greasy food.

Alright #2. If you are a hurting Bruins fan right now, this may make you feel better. The Oilers entered the 1990-91 season feeling pretty good. They had just done what most people thought they couldn’t…win a Stanley Cup without Wayne Gretzky. But to say that they stumbled out of the gate would be an understatement. The champs had a grand total of 2 wins and 6 points at the 10 game mark (one less win, and equal amount of points to this years Bruins). It would be a WHILE before they got themselves back on track. They didn’t get win #3 until game 16 of the season! When they did get that win, it snapped a nine game losing streak and upped their point total to….eight. If you are not wincing right now, you probably should be. They did manage to get the train back on the tracks. They made the playoffs and pulled off two big upsets beating Calgary (who had 20 more points than Edmonton) , and the Kings (who won the division). They ended up losing in 5 to Minnesota in the conference finals.

So Bruins fans be happy that a) this year’s start isn’t the worst in recent memory for a defending champ b) you still have plenty of time to turn things around


Let’s head to the links…

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And finally here is the controversial OT goal last night in Detroit. (Bitter Red Wing fan rant: Is it too much to ask that the ref actually look AT THE PUCK)

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  1. “this year’s start isn’t the worst in recent memory for a defending champ”, “recent memory” being defined as “20 years ago”. You feel old yet?

  2. I’m not a Bruins fan but the same “hangover” excuse is being used by Vancouver and you don’t hear Toronto touting they are doing this well because they took advantage of the “time off” during playoffs to get some much needed rest. We’re 10 games in, 1 8th of the season. 72 games to go…No body panic…or get too excited before January.

  3. What, exactly was controversial about the goal? Koivu has position on Kronwall and was protecting himself (rather than putting himself in a vulnerable position). He didn’t target the head, he just protected his position on the ice. Did he get up a little high? Maybe…But those are the calls that you want the refs to not call in OT. (In all fairness, so was the goalie interference call on Franzen that gave the Wild the power play. No way that should have been a penalty. If the Wings score because of it, it should be a no-goal, but there’s no way that Franzen should have been in the box because of that.)

    Also, maybe if Howard focuses on the puck as opposed to focusing on hooking Setoguchi’s leg, he might have been a little more focused on what was going on around him.

  4. The Kings losing to the Oilers in 1991 still upsets me to this day. They were the better team. They would’ve killed Minny – they matched up very well with them, and, let’s face it, that Minnesota team may have been the worst team to make the finals in any of our lifetimes.

    And then we would have FINALLY had Mario v Gretzky in a Cup final.

    But, no, the Oilers had to go and ruin everything. Sure, the Kings made their run a couple of years later, but 1991 still annoys me.

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