Well, here we are again folks – I’ll try to bestow this prestigious honour on an oblivious NHL player every Wednesday.

If you missed our first award show, a Fransie is given to the player who scored the nicest backhand shelf goal since the last Fransie was handed out. So let’s get to it!

The top 5 Fransie Award nominee are….

#5 – Milan Lucic

Lucic corrals the rebound, gets the puck up to his stick, and puts it where nobody else is going to touch it. Backhand. Shelf.


#4 – Jordan Staal

Staal is breaking in wide, and Johan Hedberg has the angle on him. Or so he thinks. There was only about one place this shot could’ve gone to end up counting.


#3 – Milan Michalek

C’mon now, how slick is this? And on Henrik Lundqvist no less? That’s just too good.


#2 - Chris Higgins

It was tough not to give Higgins the win for this snipe, which is about as pure a Fransie-esque backhand shelf goal as you can score. But still, it’s not quiiiite good enough. (10 second mark.)

Why? Because of this:


I introduce to you, first-time Fransie winner (shocker, there’s only been two)

#1 - Artem Anisimov!

Not as “pure” Fransie, but really - any time you break the waterbottle after going backhand shelf (while in traffic) you know you’re likely collecting a Fransie award. And as always, that award is this:

If you aren’t Artem Anisimov, don’t you dare look at it. Stop right now. You’re not worthy. This is for him and him only.

Artem, gaze upon the master, if you so dare:

Ahhh. Now exhale.