If you have ever seen the show Inside The Actors Studio, you know that the host James Lipton finishes every interview with a series of questions. This has been known as the “questionnaire” and it was used by the french talk show host Bernard Pivot.

Recently  I did an interview for the Ducks site Anaheim Calling, and in a clever twist, they asked me to answer the questionnaire.

For the question “What profession would you not like to do”, I answered: NHL referee. Since then, I have had quite a few people ask me why I answered that.  So I thought I would take this opportunity to not only answer that question, but expand on it. Here are the 3 jobs I would, and wouldn’t want in the NHL.

By the way, for the sake of this post let’s assume the following:

1) All jobs in the NHL have the same salary (money is not a motivation for this)

2) As someone who grew up playing hockey in Canada, it’s a given that I would LOVE to be a player, so lets leave that one out (the scouts sure did)

3) The opinions expressed are for entertainment purposes only. This in no way shape or form indicates that I am unhappy with my employment at The Score …. Please don’t fire me.

Jobs I would NOT want

NHL Referee

With most jobs that are in the public eye, if you do your job well, you tend to get some recognition. Not so with an NHL referee. Sure there are some people who really know hockey who will walk away from the game saying that was “well officiated”, but not often.  For most fans, a well officiated game means you didn’t notice them. However, if they make ONE mistake…watch out! I admire refs, they  took a job that people will pretty much only talk about them when they screw up.

NHL Disciplinarian

“You need people like me, so you can point your fingers and say, Thats the Bad guy”

-Tony Montana (minus the F-Bomb).

Every Brenden Shanahan decision effects not only a team, but a player’s bank account. Too harsh= criticized. Too lenient= criticized. When was the last time you heard a coach or GM say: Great decision, I completely agree that our player should have been suspended.

Arena Security

Hockey fans (myself included) are nuts.

Alcohol makes them more nuts.

A bad call makes them absolutely crazy.

Now add that all up and stick it inside a fan who wanted to wear the road team’s jersey to the game.


OK Now to the jobs I want

Goal Judge

I wouldn’t want this job when it actually mattered, I would want it now. The way I see it, since instant replay has been brought into the game, this guy basically gets paid to have the best seat in the house with absolutely no responsibility. Yes please.

Zamboni Driver

When I was home for my first summer in college, I worked in an arena. All I wanted to do was drive the Zamboni ONCE. However, my boss took that job for himself. Who could blame him? I’m sure the novelty would wear off, but you are still behind the wheel of something that is absolutely necessary to play hockey.

Member of the media/co-host of a podcast

I know, that is my job. No, I’m not kissing ass, or bragging. But what other job lets you write/talk/scream your opinions on a daily basis. I admit I’m pretty friggen lucky.

Have a job you would/wouldn’t want? Comment or tweet @robpizzo


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