Warning: you may need to put on sunglasses to look at the three worst jerseys of all-time. I’m not sure it’ll help any, but something needs to be between your eyes and the computer screen for this post. Like a blindfold, maybe.

We’re down to the final three, all presented with commentary from current and former NHL players. Enjoy, if you can.

The Phoenix Coyotes


The St. Louis Blues


And your winner….

The Anaheim Mighty Ducks: WILD WING!

Designer: “Here’s my final design boss, what do you think?”

Boss, hammered after a nine-beer lunch: “I thnk theyarr the greatest of allllltimmmmzzzz….”

Designer, used to it: “Awesome! To production!”

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  1. You know your jersey is bad when it appears on a Worst Jerseys list that doesn’t include the Isles’ fisherman jersey (which was a bad jersey made worse by an awful logo).

    I think the Blues’ jersey may deserve an asterisk because it was so bad, it never made the ice.

  2. I was hoping to hear Jeremy’s comments on the ‘Yotes jersey. He always has something to say.

    I think the Blues one is actually worse, but as it didn’t get worn in any games it makes sense that it dropped to #2.

  3. And that Ducks jersey is why I never feel too bad about the Burger Kings. :)

  4. The really scary thing is that there was an actual game between Ducks in the Wild Wing jerseys and The Kings in the Burger King jerseys. I’m not sure of the date but you can find video on YouTube (search Paul Kariya in a Wild Wing Jersey) So I guess that’s the ugliest NHL game ever?

  5. I’d wear the Wild Wing jersey in a beer league. That jersey just screams, “I don’t care if you score 100 goals, I’m half-drunk already.”

  6. I think it’s clear some teams just got carried away with 3rd jerseys in the glow-puck era.
    Two more that could have made this list:
    -Tampa Bay Lightning jersey with the lightning bolts and sea waves
    -Vancouver Canucks 3rd jersey from 01-03 I think. It had a blue to red color fade

    Though I’m not sure what to take off this list to make space.
    I strangely have a soft-spot for the psychedelic desert dogs jersey. I also get an image of Khabibulin drunk-driving a Pontiac Aztek while wearing that jersey.

  7. 1. NY Islanders Fishstick jersey – mid 90s
    2. Vancouver “V” jersey – 80s
    3. Montreal 100th Anniversary jersey

  8. That Blues one is f**k ugly, man.

  9. The Picasso Dogs!

    I don’t blame you for not using JR’s reaction. He either stubbornly defended it for fifteen minutes or just dropped a legendary string of inventive obscenities.

  10. Well said, DaveK

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