Last night the NHL brought us 10 games, which predictably produced some fantastic highlights. Five in particular stood out – enjoy.


Three things are awesome in this video:

1) Max Lapierre tries to lift Clutterbuck up and put him in the bench. Never seen that before.

2) Cal Clutterbuck accidentally (I’m assuming) punches the linesman in the face.

3) Cal Clutterbuck accidentally (I’m assuming) punches the linesman in the face. Again.

Man, he got him pretty square didn’t he?


I don’t love goalies (AKA goal thieves), but I do think a good splits-save is pretty incredible. Probably because I can’t touch my toes and once hurt my groin swinging a golf club.

That’s absolutely stealing a goal for your team. As good as getting one at the other end.


I think letting this goal stand is pretty weak.

Sure, Briere “technically” kept slightly moving forward, but we’re not idiots. That’s a stop. He skated around the guy after a cup of coffee for Pete’s sake.

So basically you have to stop and start doing C-cut backwards for it to qualify as a stop.

Question: has any goal ever actually been disallowed because of the stop rule?


Cleverly-named clip: Guillaume Lat-undresse. I like it. Get it? He “undressed” the- oh forget it.

And last, Matt Cullen puts himself at a bad angle to the net and Schneider looks to have things well covered. Nope.

If this blog were called “Forehand Shelf” we might have to put that one up for an award.

Comments (5)

  1. Lats’ goal was just FILTHY. Agreed on the Briere “goal”. And I love the “goal thieves” moniker.

  2. That was definitely a stop. It looks to me like even the puck stopped all forward movement, and maybe started going backwards a half inch or so. Seems like rule clarification is needed, or Toronto needs to grow some new ones when it comes to shoot outs.

  3. Look for a LOT more stopping and going on the shootout if thats the way they are gonna call them. I almost feel sorry for the goalies on this.

  4. That’s really bad. I’d have waved it off. This goes right up with the “stop-a-rama” goal in the shootout last year with Vancouver and the Isles.

  5. Don’t worry guys, it’s just the Devils, no one cares when we screw them over…

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