It’s not breaking news that the Vancouver Canucks are a dangerous team on the powerplay. At this point in the season, they sit 2nd in the NHL with a conversion rate of 26.4%, so things are cruising along as usual – take four penalties against them, they’re getting a goal. The Sedins will make sure of it.

But they also feature prominently in a few other categories.

Fun with powerplay numbers, comin’ up:

(Generic Avs having success picture, yay!)

The list of the top 5 powerplay teams in the NHL includes Ottawa, Florida, and Colorado, the latter of which is FIRST in the NHL (at 26.7%)

The other two - Vancouver and Washington – were a little more predictable. But it’s no wonder the teams listed above are exceeding expectations so far (I had Ottawa and Colorado pegged for 15th in their respective conferences in preseason) – their powerplays are clicking.

The New Jersey Devils have had half as many opportunities with the man-advantage (36) as the Vancouver Canucks (72)

I don’t know that this necessarily means that the Canucks are getting the calls - when you’re fast, you draw penalties, when you keep your legs moving, you draw penalties…it’s possible that they’ve been earned. Still, Canucks fans don’t get to bitch about the refs for awhile.

The St. Louis Blues powerplay would get outscored by four jugs of milk

Well, assuming they were 2% (you see, you’d add them together and….dammit, still 2%. I’ll see myself out). The Blues are operating at a 7.5% conversion rate, which probably has a lot to do with being below .500 on the season. They’ve scored a mere three PP goals in the 13 games thus far, while the Canucks have the most at 19 in 15 games.

This. A lot.

The Canucks are 2nd in powerplay shots (110) to San Jose….who’s had 25 fewer powerplay opportunities than them

In a mere 47 powerplay opportunities, the Sharks have taken 118 shots – that’s an average of 2.51 shots per powerplay, while the Canucks average 1.53. (Sharks have 10 goals thanks to that, good for a 21.3 PP%)

Only one team in the NHL has averaged less than one shot per powerplay – the Toronto Maple Leafs

In 59 attemps, the Leafs have mustered a whopping 58 shots. That’s two minutes with an extra guy on the ice, a defense that lets you set up, with your best players, and you can’t average A SHOT per attempt. This has to change if the Leafs hope to rise above their 15.2% conversion rate. (I thought it was Kaberle who never pulled the trigger?)

Thanks to an inability to score goals and a ton of powerplay opportunities, the Columbus Blue Jackets have almost had the man-advantage for two complete games

And that’s after only playing 14 actual games. For over 113 minutes of this season, CBJ has had more players on the ice than their opponents. Their 65 powerplay opportunities is the 4th most in the NHL – scoring a grand total of 6 times on those leaves them 29th in the NHL with a 9.2% conversion rate. Yuck.


As usual, there’s a strong connection with scoring on the powerplay and a team’s spot in the standings. Those that can’t figure out how to find the twine while a man up can count on an 82 game season – max.