Even though we are very early into the NHL season, I’m sure we can all agree on one thing: Its been weird.

Good teams struggling, surprising teams near the top of the standings, and don’t even get me started on individual player stats.

As Garth Algar said in Wayne’s World, “We fear change”.

It’s been impossible to figure out, but there are signs that things are going back to “normal”. Signs that all could be right in the world. Here are 5 of them…

The Bruins

A lot has been said about the Boston Bruins rough start to the season. At the 10 game mark they had a grand total of three wins. We had to go all the way back to the 199091 Oilers to see a Stanley Cup hangover that bad, and the champs found themselves in  the basement in the East

Signs things are going back to normal: Three straight wins, outscoring their opponents 18-5 during that stretch. Tim Thomas picked up his first shutout of the season, and they still have 4 more games on this home stand.

The Red Wings

They come storming out of the gate with 5 straight wins and all was good in Detroit. Then came game 6 against the only other defeated team in the NHL, the Washington Capitals. Ugly is the only word to describe their 7-1 loss in that game and it sent the tam in a tailspin that saw them lose 6 in a row (including one loss to Columbus of all teams!) .

Signs things are going back to normal: The Wings had trouble scoring during that losing streak, netting just 6 goals.  They hammered Anaheim 5-0 on Saturday to snap the streak and like the Bruins, they will be a home for a while.

Phil Kessel

He came flying out of the gate with 12 points in his first 5 games. He jumped out to big leads in the goals and Points catergries and didn’t show signs of slowing down

Signs things are going back to normal: While he has not hit the Kessel Wall that his past seasons indicated he might, he has obviously slowed down a bit. No one expected him to keep up that pace. But the biggest sign that things are going back to normal are not with Kessel (he is still leading the league in scoring) , but the names that are now even or within striking distance of him. Steven Stamkos has tied him in the goals category, while Claude Giroux, Anze Kopitar and the Sedins are all within 3 points.

The Edmonton Oilers

I’m gong to be honest, this is one story I hope I’m wrong about. I have enjoyed watching this young team succeed. The line of Hall, Nugent Hopkins, and Eberle have been exciting to watch and not too many people expected to see this much maturity this early in their careers. Plus Nikolai Khabibulin has been outstanding.

Signs its turning round: They lost to Phoenix (albeit with Devan Dubnyk in net) , and have a very tough road trip ahead. Their next four are in Montreal, Boston, Detroit and Chicago.

Sidney Crosby

Forget doctors reports, forget dizziness and headaches. There is one way I can tell that the best player in the world is coming back soon.

He is once again trying desperately to grow facial hair!

I know it’s Movember, but when Sid starts sporting the “13-year old finally got whiskers and want to show off to my friend” stache, the world is coming back to normal


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