How’s that for an exciting title?

The fantastic video team at theScore saw that on Halloween we ranked Dion Phaneuf as the scariest hitter in the NHL, so they took the time to assemble a video that highlights his biggest ones.

Put on your safety googles and enjoy. Here they are: Dion Phaneuf’s 10 best hits:

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  1. No love for his hit on Hamel when he was with the Flames?

  2. How many of these are even legal anymore?

  3. Sorry you guys missed this World Jr Hit….

    Rusty Olez swallowed his mouthguard on it!!

  4. i see a lot of leaving his feet…

    • This is a common misconception about hitting. just about every big hit you will ever see has the hitter “leaving his feet” but “leaving your feet” is very different from jumping.

      on all these hits Phaneufs feet end up leaving the ice as he is making contact because of his explosive upward motion. It really just speaks to the immense amount of power Phaneuf puts into his hits.

      If Phaneuf was actually jumping there would be a large number of headless hockey players.

  5. Pierre McGuire should have wrote this list…. he goes to bed dreaming of Dion.

  6. What about the hit from the world championships from this past summer? That was nasty, and the guy swallowed his tongue and passed out.

    And on the Chris Kelley hit from like a week ago, Phaneuf had help on that one. Kelley was getting corralled into that.

  7. The Hamel hit could definitely qualify too, it was pretty awesome. Hair-splitting aside, that’s some crazy list for a 26 year old to compile in the NHL!

  8. I could watch hitting highlights all day.

  9. All I can think as I watch the hits, most of them leave him on the ice too and the other guy is getting up before he does,also, the puck is always gone, so whats the point of most of his hits? He’s not stopping a play from happening, he’s putting himself out of position on the play. Nice hits, bad hockey.

    • Not necessarily since many of his hits resulted in a turn over or at least a break down in the offensive rush. Trading 1 for 1 isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Now, if he had MISSED his hit and taken himself out of the play without stopping his man, then yes… THAT is bad hockey.

    • Here’s what it does, it puts the fear of god into that guy that’s skating down the center of the ice about to receive a buddy pass. If you see your teammate getting trucked like that you’re telling me you’re not gonna be hearing footsteps? Intimidation’s huge in hockey, and there’s nothing more intimidating than the thought of ending up looking like bambi trying to get back to the bench because you just got murdered at center ice.. Plus, big hits are momentum changers, sometimes that’s all it takes to change the outcome of a game.

  10. Those were some pretty bad ass hits.

    I’d back up the other comments about him being out of position afterwards.

    Look at the #3 hit on Chris Kelly for example, Kelly is back on his feet before Phaneuf is.

    Oh and did anyone else feel like Da Costa should have burst open with candy when he got hit? He dropped everything else!

  11. One you are forgetting… the “Double Dion”… maybe not teh biggest, but the hit(s) definitely looked sweet…

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