It’s time for your latest edition of the Fransie awards, where we celebrate players that go backhand shelf, partly because it’s really hard to do, but mostly because it’s the name of this blog.

For further explanation on why they’re called the Fransie’s, check here.

For number five, we take you to Tampa Bay…

(Editor’s note: having some embed issues today – if the video doesn’t work for you, links have been provided.)

5) Dan Carcillo vs. Dwayne Roloson

Not the best backhand shelf goal of all time, but c’mon – it’s Dan Carcillo. We had to give that guy some glory for the snipe.


4) Adam Henrique vs. Ondrej Pavelec (Watch here)

I want to bet on this kid for rookie of the year ASAP. Man is he talented.


3) Matt Carle vs…is that Ondrej Pavelec again? (Watch here)

We had to give some love to a d-man getting the puck in traffic and taking it cross-body backhand shelf. That’s a nice display of skill.


2) This beautiful shot have been more difficult to pull off than our #1 pick, but it juuust wasn’t quite as slick: Ryan Clowe vs. Marc-Andre Fleury

Not many people can shoot a puck forehand that hard.


And your winner….

1) Anze Kopitar vs… that Marc-Andre Fleury again? (

Now that’s the true definition of going backhand. shelf. Thing of beauty.

Like our previous two Fransie award winners (Zach Parise, Artem Anisimov), Anze Kopitar has won the right to gaze upon the master in all his glory, owning Marc-Andre Fleury.

Remember, this is only for Anze, not the rest of us peons.

Enjoy, sir Kopitar.