According to my wife, I watch about a million hockey games per year. I’m 31 years old, so lets subtract the years I was busy watching He-Man cartoons and you have about 25 million hockey games (math may be a little off).

So it’s not too often that I say the words “I have never seen that before”. I got to say it last night during the Philadelphia-Tampa Bay game. In a nutshell, here is what happened:

Tampa head coach Guy Boucher planned on playing the 1-3-1

Philly head coach Peter Laviolette knew it, and decided on his strategy.

What ended up happening was something I though only took place when a teenage couple are talking on the telephone…

You hang up…no YOU hang up…no YOU hang up!

The ref’s tried acting as the parents and blew down the play (multiple times) but it didn’t stop it. Here is a taste:


Once again: I have never seen that (or the whistles to stop the play) before.

I’m not going to try to break down the 1-3-1, or how to defend it. I’ll leave that to guys like our editor Justin Bourne. What I will do is think back to the rare times I have been watching a game and said to myself : “I have never seen that before”

Diarrhea affecting a playoff game

2007, Canucks and Ducks. Game is tied 1-1 and heading to overtime, and Roberto Luongo is no where to be found. This HAS to be something big.

Is he injured? Nope

Does he have an equipment problem? No again

The starting goaltender for the Vancouver Canucks missed 3 minutes of overtime in the Stanley Cup Playoffs because of the squirts. Maybe skip the pre game burrito next time Roberto.

A goaltender dangling AND pulling off a Spin-O-Rama

My jaw hit the ground the first time I saw this one (sorry for poor quality, its the only one I could find). Extra points for pulling off the dangle on The Great One

You steal my stick? I’ll score with yours

Koivu loses his stick

Steals Bobby Ryan’s right from his hands

Ryan picks up Koivu’s stick

Scores with it


And I know this is the most obvious pick ever, but I guarantee you will NEVER see this again


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